Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Creatively Mine

I did this shoot a few years back for "Creatively Mine". It was done with some computer graphics. Not easy to act okay! I have to imagine as if the real thing was there!

I heard the 2nd Season for "Creatively Mine" is coming. I hope J Team will invite me to act again, so I will have more things to blog!


usero said...

hey 老查某, glad to see that you're blogging more often!

don't worry, i think confirm you will be able to act in the 2nd season one lor! good luck! :D

Anonymous said...

hey young zha bor.
you can really blog at your age. its really good and cool!!
and your english is really amazing!! also, its really shocking that you know how to upload pics.. and stuff into your blog. really admire you!!

hmmm.. really wish i could act too. got talent no looks. ha!!
alriht. will leave comments soon agian(:
jia you!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Do blog more!

LiN (: said...

woah.. the clip is real cool..
hope u get to film on the second season =D

all the best to u... :)

Anonymous said...

Eh auntie, until now i am still not convinced that someone like you can be blogging better than some of those youngsters lehs.

Maybe you would like to tell us more about yourself, like your occupation before your retirement and your rough CV lar, because I think all of us are curious to know!

It will also make us really convinced and impressed.

Sunshine said...

Hello. woah izzit really u?
if thats true then that will be so cool can?!
haha! xDDD
continue to blog everyday...

Anonymous said...

Very suspicious lah. Just look at the pictures...all from the movies leh, if personal blog sure will include something abt herself and her family wan mah....Hello? Jack Neo, WE ALSO NOT STUPID can? Jeez.....-_-

Maybe the next conference, i ask my reporter friend to get you to write a short blog at the spot then all truth will be told liao...If auntie really can blog like this then is really something and she becomes my new idol BUT if it is a stunt by the JTeam....all i can say is....Jack, u super low!

Anonymous said...

hope you can get selected! :D

; khsrL said...

hey laozhabor keep up the good work! u acted just in front of my house at pasir ris... hahaha..

Anonymous said...

I like you..^_^ You are really pretty..

ester(sheperd) peng lin (sheep) said...

yay ! don't mind telling us where is her stall ! i wanna visit it and try the food man !

MinnYDinO said...


Anonymous said...

lol...1st time c ppl hu r much much older den mii hab blog sia.... n hor quite lame lehx...=P seriously no offence lar... hehe i oso like actin 1 sia... hope 1 dae can b a actress oso haha

omfg said...

omg, which idiot had the brains to think of these suggestions for the overhead bridge... =_=

Jervis said...

You are one creative woman lao zha bor