Thursday, March 01, 2007

"LaoZhaBor" ICON

One of my fans did this for me... cool rite?

She said it's nice to have an icon for my blog. I'm grateful...

I've met some nasty jerks saying I shouldn't be blogging at my age and also not to post my pics in my blog.

Com'on! I think it's becos I can write better than you and you're freaking jealous!

I'm famous, I'm pretty and I'm proud of being what I am.

Before you comment on my look, check your own reflection in the mirror!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You're cool! I love you! :D

Anonymous said...

don't look like u blog. the language from a old lady. i'm impress. i was expecting that u might blog in chinese.

D. said...

Hello Lao Zha Bor ...

YOU ROCK! HAHA (though u may not be the real aunty but so wat?)

You are the actual star of the show man. If 10 yrs down the road I may forget everything, I'll not forget the spirit and tenacity of Lao Zha Bor! :-)

Keep up the great work and yeah ... Just Follow Law really COOL! Proud of local production
(and I'm not even a local) HAHA.

Anonymous said...

cool!! =) keep it upppp!

jH said...

you totally rocks!

old in age but YOUNG in heart!

forgive if i offended u!

Anonymous said...

Auntie you rockz! i support you to blog,i believe that people at your age should learn from u too! you are so hip man..S.citizens should lead a more enrich lifestyle..GOGOGO!

Anonymous said...

erh. auntie ah..nt bad ah,bloggin at this age.but that icon looks lyk ah gua.

Anonymous said...

wow auntie..your acting is very nice and offence to Fann Wong but your better than her..though Fann Wong was very funny acted very well as a senior citizen whom noe how to use to internet and teach us to respect our parents esp when we need money..

auntie muthu have blog also a not??his acting also very funny and nice..act stupid..VIP dunno how to write..then clamp the fire engine got send to police station..

anyway wish you all the best for your filming..

Anonymous said...

does muthu hav a blog? lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, the way you write, seems that it was writen by someone around my age (Im 20 this year).

You broke the stereotype that I used to have about elderly people, who doesn't really use the com alot, but hey you blog!

Young at heart! Cheers!!! :)

- Dw

« ° Ģєήєνϊєνє Lϊm Жΰє Qϊ ° » said...


Keep up that spirit! You more hip then my mom. If my mom was like you then I'll be the happiest girl on earth. Wahahaha.

I do not know your age but I guess I shall estimate. Let's take it as though you're 60. I will say:

"You are old, and young at heart. You are 60 going on 18!!"

Clevian said...

You type good, like a young person.
But then, someone you know may be the one typing for you and you are doing the endorsement.

but anyway, if its really you, good job!
active citizenry embracing the use of IT, commendable.

Anonymous said...

omg tis truly exist~ haha
ilove ur acting~reali~ XD all the best ya~

wils0nlai said...

Auntie you so cool! I should ask my mom to read this blog.

You Rocks!

jev said...

Aunty.... I really really love you very very much.... u really pretty young.

I respect you n really need to learn from you!

~MiZ_LyNn~ said... so impressed...U Rock My A** off!!!ure even cooler than my mom.... well done....pls drop by at my blog too.....

popo said...

Auntie, U re too amzing!!!cool!! impressed!!
I hope my dad could learn from u and have his own blog too.

JUDI said...

im a taiwanese,,,i love your blog,,
makes me feel happy when im reading your blog~