Monday, April 23, 2007


I did this shoot in year 2002. It was a Traffic Police Project, Road Safety for Senior Citizens. Quite an interesting Music Video.

This song was sung by J Team Artiste, Michelle Tay. Her voice resembles Teresa Teng isn't it?


Jolene said...

Hey . When will your MV come out ?
:) takecares

Anonymous said...

nice video! hahah.
i saw u at sentosa yesterday with jingjing! hows the trip? never write abt it ah? you two look quite sian when i saw u! hahhaha.

Anonymous said...

are you really that ah ma in the picture? u seriously speak good english man! do u learn it or what? i think u r one cool granma!

Sh[E]enA said...

Heyhey ah ma,

hope u dont mind me calling u ah ma. u r soo cute in that video. Take care lots.

Sh[E]enA said...

Heyhey Ah ma,
hope you dont mind me calling u ah ma. Cos i kinda hopr to have a grandma like you. :)
Well, u look really cute in your video.
Continue to JIAYOU and all the best!
Take care ah!

Hiroyuki Yoshiko said...

eh, this is pasir ris where i stay so cool video!

AH Boy said...

Your this 2002 MV, is at ELAIS MALL!!!! hahha

Anonymous said...

Creative video!

mika konoe said...

hi , auntie !

this vide0 is s0 nice =)
i just love it !!
s0 nice to watch...
xia0 mi mi
tian tian xia0 mi mi

Anonymous said...

lao zha bor..yo yo wats up aunt..

zhi cong wo kan guo just follow law

wo jiu ren shi le lao zha bor


belLOVEmarc said...

rock on~ you r cool!

Clairine said...

My aunt said your "Rap" is sooooooo COOL!!!!!!Lao Zha Bo,you rocks!!!!Even I do not know how to create a Blog....Remember you ROCKS!!!!Add MORE Video clips!!!!'

Anonymous said...

wads the use? u might as well spen these last few years happy. your old and your going to die ppl die one of these days so accept it life is a waste of time