Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Sentosa Trip

I'm sorry, this post came a bit late. I'm too busy with my work lately....don't even have time to play Mahjong.

Okay, let me show you some nice pics of my Sentosa Trip with Jingjing. We went there with my god son and his friend that day. My god son is my personal photographer. He was good! But sorry guys, they are not showing their faces here!

He actually wanted to treat us to a cable car trip, cos I've never been on a cable car in my whole life! But it was damn x! $15 per pax. Wah piang erh, $15 x 4 person = $60!!!! Haven't even step into Sentosa must spend $60 liao. So I suggested to go by tram instead. Anyway, the tram also quite new. I bet some of you haven't been on one yet!

We got our tickets to Sentosa!!!!!

We were so excited while waiting for the tram!

It's here! It's here! The Green Lady!

In the tram............

Finally! We arrived in Sentosa!!! Woo woo!

Don't you like this? This pic got feel rite?

We changed our outfit for the photo shooting. You guys always complain I wear the same top all the time, now I got new top... Ha ha!

I found some hunks playing cards at the beach. I cannot tahan lah, so I joined them for a game.

They simply love me, don't you think so? Hey young gals, don't get jealous yar!

We changed into our swimsuit for further photo shooting! Jingjing's swimsuit very sexy hor! Low cut leh!

Who say we aren't pretty? We are babes okay!

Can some organizers held a 'Madam Granny Singapore Universe'? Both of us sure qualified for the race!


Anonymous said...


2 old ladies complimenting themselves babes?

First time I ever seen this joke.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous
nobody needs sadists here okay.
if its your first time
then fcuk off from the awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

Lol yar.

The pic got feel.
The one JingJing with you de.

Like lovers sia, haha!

Do update more!

BOO said...

Hey, LZB.
First time commenting here. :D

I think your blog is cool.
Continue to blog freqently though, cause I just like each and every single one of them. :D

Glad you enjoyed yourself at Sentosa! :D


Anonymous said...

more pretty de gals~
add oil! add oil lo!


Darren said...

enjoying your life is good. :) how come got so many photoshoots recently ah?

Elween said...

you are in your famous bathing suit again? very youthful tho:)

Jerome said...

I think the first comment person dont know who is lao zha bor. Come on.. They are just joking!

Anyway yea... if its ur first time.. please get off this blog =)

MrHell said...


Cuiping said...

cool pics! :D rock on~

mingfoong said...

hello there, this is my firstdropping comments here, hope you don;t mind, kay!

I like your blog so so much neh! you sounds(or look?) so cute with your style of blogging! I love all your pictures too, all have got their own feel la. *thumbs up*

Happy blogging and take care! :)

hello (: said...

eh cool (:

Anonymous said...

haha,you should get the Islander Pass,then!(:
got alot of offers,cables car would only be $6.50 single trip!
haha i like er,'older' people like you!adds color to Singapore's ageing population!
rock on,LZB.

xin said...

I watched your movie and found your blog, you are totally awesome!

bluey said...

hey! i'm here again=)
u r so brave! i feel so paiseh when i went swimming with my friends. hehe.


jia you=)


Kenneth said...

If you come to Kuching (Sarawak) do inform me ya, I will bring you around!

From ultimate fan,

QiNgQiNg said...

hey i oso found ur blog from the movie! haha! I realli tink u r such an awesome example to follow when i reach ur age~ woohoo~ and i love sentosa too!
and yesh im jealous - how come u can get to noe those handsome guys? lolz~

rock on auntie!

QiNgQiNg said...

hmm... now tat i tink abt it hoh - there is only 1 above-average guy there... ahhahaa~ den liddat not jealous le lah~ lolz~

BlabberinGSixtEen said...

haha! yay!!! u gurls simply rocks. i havent been to sentosa for years now. haha. i wanna go there soon! thanks for the update!!!

Anonymous said...

why don't wanna wear bikini ? look more sexy :D rock on babes

STANDER-BY said...

Publicity stunt, whatever. I think it's nice to have a blog to go to, enjoy posts which are cute and relaxing...

Esp. enjoy the pictures you put up too. I see those hunks drooling over you! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello LZB! :D
I like your style. Always stay young at heart & not letting what others say affect you. All the best to whatever you do okay![:

Anonymous said...

you're so old already and still pretending to be young. don't you feel shy?

BOO said...

Well, this is called living life to the fullest, not pretending to be young. -.-

Anonymous said...

yah anonymouses, fuck off if you think one day you won't be older. I luv this blog!!!


Wanling said...

wa sibei funny i almost vommit blood

Wanling said...

LOL!!!!!!Lao Zha Bor you very the super funny your Follaw Law show very nice

Ernest said...

love your blog and one thing that keeps me coming back is the way you write. keep it up. :)

candice said...

Hello! I LOVE your blog!

May I ask the picture of you and JingJing sitting on the concrete steps near the sea, which part of sentosa is that? =D

Chan Chi Tat said...

i very like it.

xDaFeiChanGx said...

Hi Lzb,Nice and creative blog u have.This Blog i jus simpler too awsome keep it up

Anonymous said...

Hello! is jingjing ur sister or what cos almost every pic have her

Anonymous said...

Woah! I just happened to stamble into this blog and I'm stunned!!
Very encouraging.. I hoped I can be like you when I'm at your age!!

You rock!!

:) a seventeen-yr-old gal

Anonymous said...

i think ppl like LZB blog because she is actress lor. if she is not actress and just an ordinary old grandmother blogging, i dun think ppl will write those good comments. ppl will instead say how lame this blog can be.