Monday, June 18, 2007


I don't think you can imagine two old lady playing pool in snooker room right? May be you'll say, "What the hell are you doing in snooker room?" No no no, I'm not saying I know how to play but I can learn right?

Actually, is there a difference between pool or snooker? Are they the same? How about billiards?

Anyway, me and Jingjing had a fun time in the snooker game. We met some kind souls willing to teach the old bones here. We are so lucky, always meet helpful people. Who says Singaporean are not helpful????

Both me and Jingjing are the 'Miss Cue' queen, why 'Miss Cue'? Becos we always miss the ball. I even drop my cue on the floor! The kids had a hard time teaching us!....poor kids.

You see Jingjing, pose like a pro hor?

I think I'm more of a serious player. Who wanna challenge me?

After about 30mins (yar, only 30mins) of 'training', I approach the next table (4 macho man) for a game.

***Guess what is the result?

Well, I became 'Miss Q queen' again!

Here are the 4 macho man. We had a picture with them...

Happy happy chalking.....away.....

When I was young....

I found this picture in my closet. It's me when I was about 2-3 yrs old. A bit chubby hor? I think this is the only picture I have when I was a toddler. Not every family can afford a camera at that time...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Sunway Chase

Actually, this is not the first time I'm doing a shoot in KL. In year 2000, I did "The Sunway Chase", also produced by J Team Productions.

It's a tele-movie released solely in VCD. It was presented by Sunway Lagoon Resort. That time I was quite new to the industry, and I'm very honoured and excited to act in the tele-movie.

The story was quite simple and also for the sake of comedy. It's very difficult to act those funny scenes because I would laughed over it. Let me show you some screen shots from the disc...

This is the beginning of the VCD where I'm being introduced.

My first appearance in the show. Don't you think I'm like a ghost?

It's me appearing like a ghost but I'm not a ghost.

Hmmm....good old time.

Have you guys watch it before? I'm not sure if it is still available in disc shop but you can try. It's nice to watch for a good laugh.

Guess what? I have had a bed scene with Mark Lee (not that kind you would think, it's just a comedy!).

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Day Off in KL

You can never imagine how I spent my day off while in KL. My friends brought me to many many places and I had a hell lot of fun!

I went to Suria KLCC for some shopping. Nice shopping with big brands. I think Malaysia is having sales. All merchandise were selling very cheap.

Guess where is this place? Batu Caves! I never go up, it's too tedious for me. I just stay below for some pictures.

Look at this cute little monkey, trying to snatch my bananas!

Flying pigeons! I am so excited.... I fed them with rice.

Genting Highlands! It's just an hour ride up the mountain. I did went in to casino, but I never gamble lah. Just look-see look-see.

Ha ha, it's fun working overseas. Erm, Director Neo..... next time can we go China?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Somemore photos from KL

Here are some photos taken off-screen:

This bed is so comfortable. The design is so cool. I love it so much. I found this bed at one of our shooting location. It's in a very big house belongs to someone.

Director Jack Neo and Me! He said he got no time to update his blog. Anyway, he wants to say HELLO to you!

I'm with a very famous Malaysian actress, her name is Lai Meng. She used to be the 'Fab' washing powder star, remember?

Muthu, Lai Meng and Me with one of the crew. Yes, Muthu is there as well. That's why I'm not lonely and boring. Can you guys see who's at background?

Look at this "Amy Yip Big Pao", I can't finish it on my own. Young generations may not know Amy Yip, try searching for her pictures in google?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My KL trip for the Movie

I actually got a lot to tell you about my KL trip, but I was warned by the production team not to utter a single word about the movie shoot. So bobian lor, I can only show you the pictures I took outside the 'movie scene'.

Me & Jingjing having breakfast at our Hotel Coffeehouse, we were waiting for our transport to shooting scene.

This little girl also one of the cast in the movie. Her name is June Ang, she is an artiste of J Team too!

We took this double deck coach back home. Good service and comfortable.

We were at upper deck having lunch that was served on board. I can even order drinks for my meal.

This is at lower deck. Very spacious and comfortable. Powerpoints are provided for laptop as well.

We stopped at some resting point for toilet break and we found this little shop selling handphone covers, very old handphone model type.

We are finally back home! We took somemore pictures at Vivocity and had a light meal before we headed for cab.

Jingjing's Extra

Anyway, Jingjing is pretty buzy too! She attended "Golden Age" recording as a guest artiste. She had some pictures taken on the set to share with you. I bet she had a great time in the studio with May Phua & Chen Shu Cheng.

I like her hair colour .... very nice silver grey.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shrek 3

I never really like to watch animation movies, but I love 'Shrek 3'!

I think Shrek is very handsome. Big size like a bodyguard. Should be most of the girls dream man! I'm not sure what creature is he? What is an Ogre? Does this creature really exist in this world? If not, I think the creator is very talented and creative.

I did not watch Shrek 1 & 2, but after watching Shrek 3.... I decided to rush down to Discs Shop to buy the DVDs of part one and two. I also can show it to my god-son & god-daughter to watch. Ha ha, an old woman watching cartoon! I think it's okay rite?

I admire Princess Fiona, she got Shrek to protect her. So envy...... Hee, I used to have a big size boyfriend 40 years ago.

Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.....

Day time I dream to be like her...
Afternoon time I dream to be like her...
Nite time I dream to be like her...

In the end, I became her!!!!!

Erm, do I look like Princess Fiona?

(The creator of 'Shrek' **fainted**)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Best of Blog

Dear All,

I am sorry for not blogging for sometime. I was in KL for the movie shoot and I cannot access my blog. I'm glad you are still hanging around! I was very happy to receive a good news from sgfriends. My blog has came in 2nd for the month of May as The Best of Blog!!!! Oh my god, I can't believe it!

"I want to thank you my mama and papa, Director Jack Neo, my managers in J Team, my family, my good friend Jingjing and not to forget my fans out there especially those who voted for me. I love you!"

***Wah, shiok...... like receiving Star Awards.... ha ha!!

----drum rows----

Presenting the Results!!!


The Best Of Blog 2007. May Results!

First: Total Votes 3834
Second: Total Votes 2148
Third: Isabella-conti.blogspot.c0m Total Votes 2026

I am so happy and thank you very much! Should I aim for the First place in June? If yes, PLEASE CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR ME!

I will try to update more if I could, recently really very busy with work but you are always in my heart.

Till then, ta-ta!