Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Best of Blog

Dear All,

I am sorry for not blogging for sometime. I was in KL for the movie shoot and I cannot access my blog. I'm glad you are still hanging around! I was very happy to receive a good news from sgfriends. My blog has came in 2nd for the month of May as The Best of Blog!!!! Oh my god, I can't believe it!

"I want to thank you my mama and papa, Director Jack Neo, my managers in J Team, my family, my good friend Jingjing and not to forget my fans out there especially those who voted for me. I love you!"

***Wah, shiok...... like receiving Star Awards.... ha ha!!

----drum rows----

Presenting the Results!!!


The Best Of Blog 2007. May Results!

First: Total Votes 3834
Second: Total Votes 2148
Third: Isabella-conti.blogspot.c0m Total Votes 2026

I am so happy and thank you very much! Should I aim for the First place in June? If yes, PLEASE CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR ME!

I will try to update more if I could, recently really very busy with work but you are always in my heart.

Till then, ta-ta!


Anonymous said...

gong xi gong xi!!!

cuby said...

hi laozhabor. congrats to ur 2nd position. will continue to vote u der. do update ur blog more often kay (: best wishes

Anonymous said...


~:*:白雪不是公主:*:~ said...

gambateh ahh!! good luck to you!! ^-^

belLOVEmarc said...

=) smiles. kip it up!

sam said...

Congrats to be the second best of blogs.

Would be happy if you could get the top, but honestly blogging is not really for the sake of winning something or what, just to share your thots and etc.

So..Even if you don't aim for the top,(my personal view is being top is not a need or must) do continue to share your great ideas and interesting news yea.. =)

Dr ve Thru said...

Hi Laozhabor, aiyoh I sound very rude to call you that.
I tried to click on the vote icon to vote for you and it warned me that I tried to attack the site and they will report me and showing my ISP number.
Will 'matah' come and catch me ah?
This is the first time I come visit your blog wor. If only my mother has a computer, then I will get her to read your blog. She will sure like it.
Congratulations on your new role and being voted 2nd best blogger.
Please tell the site not to come and sue me ok? :) I am in UK wor.

Elween said...

congrats, Ms Lao! well, actually where can we vote for you? :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha laozhabor well done leh!!! got no.2 next time must get no 1 hor???? i support u from behind not in front.

SGF Team said...

Congrats to Mdm LaoZhaBor to the 2nd position of The Best of Blog 2007 in May (friendly competition).

And many Thanks to the Wonderful People who helped Mdm laoZhaoBor to post the News UP, You Guys Rock Hard for LaoZhaBor! :D

Regards SGF Team.

Anonymous said...

You must jia you! (:
will vote for you! :D:D
Hope you get the first too. (:
And, of course, Gong Xi! Congrats! (:

Anonymous said...

If we do not sign up, will our vote be counted?

Anonymous said...

well done!!

Anonymous said...

um, its drum rolls instead of 'drum rows' ya. :D dont worry im nt here to mock at u or anything, but only correcting your mistakes. its good to learn=D

your english is way better than alot of old folks so dont ever be discouraged. continue learning and improving ur english! jiayou jiayou!

basketballer said...

congrats congrats ur blog so funnny of course can get 2nd position larhx so many people love it including ME!!!!

My Humble Thinking said...

Hey there LaoZhaBor,

Remember me? I was the one who called you and we took some pictures with my family in Central Market, KL? Congrats to you for ranking number 2. By the way,do you want the pictures that we took?Perhaps I can send them to you.
Congrats again and keep up the good work!

Fan from Malaysia

LWJ said...

I saw ur web from the movie..Cool..thought it was just a joke..hehe..anyway,do visit mine too :)

Rose said...

Congrats.. Love your blog.. Yes, you should aim for 1st this month.


Grace Lee said...

this is great congrats for being the second position. :) Feel happy for you.

Wei Lin said...

Wow....what a great news.
Congratulation! Welldone!

meryl said...

hahah cool!
keep it up!

vonblue said...

u r SO cute la!!u ROCK!!:D keep up the gd work..ur blog is enjoyable to read :))

LiN (: said...

wooo.. jiayou..
guess wad?? the first and third winners are from my school~
RP~ =)

Anyway, strive for the best~
a lot of us will be supporting u for sure~


Anonymous said...

Erm, sorry I don't know to call you by what. Anyway, is a really cool web. It encourages old ppl and seniors to use blog. Congrats for getting the second place. And I'm a daily reader who checks out your blog often. Please remember to blog more often. :D And by the way, I hope to vote you to get the first place. But I don't know how to vote. I'll try to figure that out soon. Anyway, jiayou in blogging and blog more often!

Jason Ho said...

oh gosh..your website really does exist!! I was watching Just Follow Law for the first time on Saturday and really needed to check it out...its true...woah!!

Nice one man..nice one..

Lene said...

CONGRATS AH MA!!!! muackss muackss ^-^

Monokuro Boo said...

Hello Laozhabor..I really thought this blog is just a blog. By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog and all those pictures and videos are really funny! Jia You! Jia You!

lil angel~~ said...

hey ... congratulations ... no matter what rank you get, you will always be the number one blog i love ,, i love all the picture and post .. i tried to vote for your blog, but i got blocked .. haih .. im a malaysian who came to aus for my further study . i wish you all the best lao zha bor .. YOU ARE NUMBER ONE .. 加油

Anonymous said...

please lah!
ice-angel better then you lor!
always never update
you wont even get first/second!
you will be last!

Gin said...

Well done well done, reading through your blog, makes me so pai seh. At your age, (i am younger than you by a few yrs lah.)you seem to be enjoying life to the fullest.keep it up!wah piang , thought i am good, you better than me.hahah

Anonymous said...

lao zha bor
ieuu are so hip and mordern....
congrats ferr gettin 2nd place ....
dunn worry i will get maii fwenz tuu support ieuu

zє๓ค๔-ﻮคlz said...

seems like no one votes for xiaxue anymore xD

Anonymous said...

hi lao zha bor! me and my fren juz wanna sae hI! u are a pro man, so old alr still can do such a nice blog! do update it more on k? take more pic. we love seeing ur blog! <3 ya!