Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Sunway Chase

Actually, this is not the first time I'm doing a shoot in KL. In year 2000, I did "The Sunway Chase", also produced by J Team Productions.

It's a tele-movie released solely in VCD. It was presented by Sunway Lagoon Resort. That time I was quite new to the industry, and I'm very honoured and excited to act in the tele-movie.

The story was quite simple and also for the sake of comedy. It's very difficult to act those funny scenes because I would laughed over it. Let me show you some screen shots from the disc...

This is the beginning of the VCD where I'm being introduced.

My first appearance in the show. Don't you think I'm like a ghost?

It's me appearing like a ghost but I'm not a ghost.

Hmmm....good old time.

Have you guys watch it before? I'm not sure if it is still available in disc shop but you can try. It's nice to watch for a good laugh.

Guess what? I have had a bed scene with Mark Lee (not that kind you would think, it's just a comedy!).


Anonymous said...


somewhere in singapore said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. Find it very interesting...

Chuan said...


So cool. you might want to thing of bringing this to a higher level such as being in campaigns to promote a vibrant and active senior citizen life amoung singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

GIRL! just started reading your blog, and i'm loving every post!

Me and my friend run an online podcast [] and just want to let you know that you are more than welcome on our show anyday!

keep on blogging zhar bor!


enegue said...

Fooyoh woman! Happening lah you!

Keep it up !! :)

Respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on!! Great to see you enjoying your life to its fullest!!

Remember to eat more ginseng ! hehehehe

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piglet~ said...

You're happening lar... you're a real modern laozhabor!

celeste xinjie said...

u r the coolest lao zhabor i haf ever seen!My cousin introduce me 2 ur blog.dunno it might be soooo cool! and funny!u r the best!the videos r sooo funny!keep it up!

u rock!


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Anonymous said...

haha. its seliing on yahoo auction for 4 bucks.

li ping :D said...

hahaas . cool man ! LOVE YOU & UR BLOG (:

Anonymous said...

you are really hilarious!

rYnz said...

Lao zha bor! I love reading ur blog very much! But I cant find "The Sunway Chase" dvd in malaysia =( I hope I able to find it in Singapore in my next visit to singapore =) Anyway u rocks! Update oftenly oh!! Gambatte!!!

seokumiko said...

hahahaha. your blog is cool! keep on blogging! i like the bed! so unique n look comfortable!

i have a new online blog selling something nice. do vist if you have the time!

smile! =D

Little Melon said...

Walau, sooo cool men. First time see senior citizen's blogging. U rocks!

Anonymous said...

haha.. i've been reading ur blog for vy long but dis is the 1st time im posting a comment..
Sunway Chase, itz a great show, i've watched it b4, long ago..
u r great in it..
loving ur blog.. gogogo!


kakaka bed scene ! ^_^
Interesting :P

Wei Lin said...

anyone know where to get the VCD or DVD for this? I like the ghost by lao zha bor... ROCK!

Jo said...

Hey hey!!

Were you at One Utama today??

Coz I THINK I saw you. But my mom said it wasn't you.. Hahaha

Wanted to ask you straight in the face but have not got the guts to do so. Hahaha!


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