Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I used to have a flash for my title block but now have changed to still image.


Becos my sponsor's website crashed due to high viewership of my blog. I don't know how to explain this, my manager said my flash was hosted on their website...blah blah blah...

So now, my kissing hearts are not flying..... (cry....!)

Anyway, they did a great job for my site.

Remember these two pictures? Bondevia did it for me. So cute right? Who you wanna see me as? Tell them!

Go ahead to jam their website Click Here

To appreciate their hard work, I wrote a message to them.
And they posted it on their website!!!

I got their reply this morning:

Hello Lao Zha Bor!

On behalf of the Bondevia Crew we would like to say that we all love you!
And we always look forward to new updates from you!
It has been a pleasure designing stills for you, and we look forward to future projects.

Thank you for the email!

Jonathan Lai
Chief Editor

Aren't they sweet?

Hey guys, do support them and visit their site. I think they did a great job!

A little bit more about Bondevia...

Bondevia was founded on the 3rd of January 2006 as an entertainment blog that integrates media from all over the net into 1 convenient website.

The term 'Bondevia' is actually derived from the mispronunciation of the word "Whatever" and it basically carries the same meaning.

Bondevia has since started producing videos on their own about they frequent wacky antics and travel diaries.

There's a soft and sensitive side to the group too, the Bondevia Crew has a firm stand against any form of Animal Abuse.

Yes! Laozhabor against Animal Abuse too!


Li Hua said...

so cute ...

Neptune Chye said...

Wow, I saw a couple of your movies. Haha, never think that I can find your blog. Cool, Lao Zhar Boa, live long and cheers.

Kind-hearted = Beautiful

Goh Keat Liang said...

why don u try the
it's free

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Sophia said...

Hello LZB!

If you need somebody to help you design a whole new-complete layout, let me know, I'd do it for.....


Stay hip! =D

Anonymous said...

omg.u act cute in that picture! eek.. eek..!! e_e