Thursday, July 26, 2007

Love me or Hate me, I'm still shooting my MTV

Yes I heard it again, but this time I have no time to bother...

I'm in the midst of preparing for the shoot. Cannot play mahjong these few days liao, cos need to catch some rest. I really hope the shoot will turn out well.

The MTV will not be shown on TV. It's a no profit production.
*It's a gift from my management company to support my blog.
**It's a gift for my readers who support my blog.

What can I ask for... ...?

Please check out the trailer for coming episode of "World of Laughs"!

Product of J Team Productions Pte Ltd
Showing on Channel 8, 8pm on 30 July 2007

Every epi I also got new surprises!
Please don't complain the show is silly, it's suppose to be that way...


Anonymous said...

Hi LaoZhaBor, I admire you, although people thing that is silly we the friends of ou dun think so! You are just doing your job in shooting!haha, btw I like your show I will be watching your show every monday! -Tanya Chew-

tanya chew said...

I love u. ah ma

Elise said...

Hello there! My first time writing a comment for you. :) I still don't think that you are the person behind the blog entries, someone must have blogged on your behalf? Juz a gut feeling.

Anyway, I think you must have been quite pretty as a young lass, judging from your eyes. Post some photos of your younger days? :) Don't give up blogging, just learn to deal with backlash. With popularity, comes people who love or loathe you.

Anonymous said...

heyhey! u shld be quite pretty in ur younger days right? post some pics??!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine told me that he speculates (with a certain amount of certainty), that LZB's blog is set up by Jack Neo's company as a publicity stunt. -Xiaxue

Is it true that this blog is set up by the J Team as a form of publicity? Apparently, there's plenty of exposure and indirect marketing of their programmes in this blog. Makes it highly plausible eh? Smart move but not smart enough.

Anonymous said...

Oh. And comments are so highly moderated. So, Xiaxue's friend was spot on. Hi J Team! Please improve. Now, I don't think you will approve this comment anymore.

Peace said...

Whatever lar, who cares it is real or fake, so long as yours is not hurting people. Yours is bringing joy and laughter to people.

Fake or not fake, we see you on TV. Blogging or not blogging, as long as it keeps us entertain, your job is accomplished, your service is appreciated.

Let the dog barks at the strangers. "Xiao Kao" will not appreciate anyone. "Xiao Kao" only bark at all people who she sees.

Anonymous said...

ah ma you should voice out to the people in charge of blogspot against xia xue.. i feel so sorry for you about what she wrote..

Anonymous said...

world of laugh is seriously getting more and more boring. damnnit. please ask jack neo to stop trying so hard. its not that funny anymore. crap. mark lee is so sad to be struck with all this crap. my god.

Anonymous said...


i think you better do something to that XX blogger..

nows she claim that J team making use of yout blog to promote Jack Neo's show and stuff. and use valgurity again on your team.

I think you better let your team know.

hahhaa i guess she remove that latest post of you because she worry she get sue by Jteam. I don't think she has the $ to pay if she got sue..

many xiao kao in the world lah!! *irratating* she started leading them. lolx..

crazy woman who blogs and scold pple

Anonymous said...


whats wrong with an old lady who can speak or write english

why old means cannot write well huh? or isit they cannot be educated huh?

ah ma.. she said her grammer better than yours.. i saw the post before she withdraw. and boast about her o levels result too.

shes bo fu ma jie..

Referee said...

Xiaxue had lost it just like Steven Lim had lost it. They gone bezerk and fart valgurity through their mouth. Realizing that she now had withdrawn her post and making stupid excuse out of it. I declare the winner are the old lady and ice angle. They maintain their coolness all the way.
HAHAHA xiaxue and steven lim are perfect match from hell. The biggest loser is xiaxue. Shame on you.