Friday, July 27, 2007

The photos are ready!

Hello boys & girls, don't argue anymore...
Let's put this matter to a rest, okay?

I know lots of you are still wondering if I'm the real blogger.
What can I say?
If I say YES, you wouldn't believe it anyway.
If I say NO, there will be endless arguments and start dragging in innocent parties.

I just want to say...
If you like what you're reading, please come back for more.
If you hate it, thank you for dropping by this time and hope you can find better stuff to read elsewhere...but don't forget to recommend me the good sites!

When you watch a movie, you wouldn't be bother to see who wrote the script. Do you choose the script-writer to watch movie? I doubt so.

That's all I have to say regarding this.

Presenting...Our Studio Pixs!

My god-daughter did this design. It's very simple lah, but I like it very much...

Jingjing is very beautiful hor? I must get her teenage photos to show you, sure wee wee one...

Jingjing and me. This photo is very nice... I wanna blow this up to put it in my room.

Muthu is very cute. Making faces while photo taking. With him around, there's always laughter.

Natalli & Cheryl. They are beautiful gals! Being young is great!

This photo also nice.... the photographer and the makeup artist are good.

Do you like our photos?


Anonymous said...

i, as well as your other fans will be supportinqq u all the way! anyway, that XIAXUE girl is CRAP. iqnore her stupid bytchinqq and qett 0n wid ur life!
hope to see m0re of ur photos soon!

Anonymous said...

yes! both you and jingjing look so pretty!! =)

Eddy said...

actually i know ur blog through
i find it really disgusting if
you post photos of yourself
not yourself.
perhaps some picture of the *inner you*
i find it, disgusting.
not to hurt u or whatsoever
but this is something not everybody
can accept.
maybe you should
just post the *inner you*
only in words,
not photos,
not that kind of photos,
sometimes someone gets old,
and dragging their feets into coffin
they might find it something sad,
but that doesnt mean you have to
make something
that making us sad too.
you see, u can try to express yourself
perhaps somebody might apreciate it
but most of them are laughing, and sick
why are you making your life so...
you might seek for something different
but i advice you... consider others too
somebody else might get a heart attack
by just viewing the *inner* you.
i felt so sick viewing your blog.
try find your life, in other way
not through blog, no

thanks in advance

Irene said...

Oh..Lao zha Bor,

Ur really so so cute!!I love u so much!!
Don bother about that bitch la.That xiaxue is the most ugky and disgusting gal i ever see..
Short short fat fat like A TEAPOT!!


Anonymous said...

aunty ignore that post by eddy.. he might be one of xx's hardcore fans..crazy

yea.. ignore her comments. ignore her too. that short teapot.

ugly outside and inside too.. such thickskin woman won't feel anything bad too. like elephant skin.. so no matter how bad you comment she do be stuckup and thinks shes great and right..

takecare.. happy blogging.

oh ya.. post pics of when youre young too..!

Anonymous said...

Lao zha bo,

Be urself dont be bother by that xia xue and her fans. She is so mm jia lan.

Anonymous said...

haha ya xia xue suck xia xue suck
basically xia xue is sooooo sooo
so so so ugliie and so so so
disgusting, still dare dare
to criticise other ppl..idiott hur?
anyewya; support eu luh..haha;
well..just dun care wat ppl say,
who says old ppl cant wear swimming
costume rites? dun care the xx luhhs.. well; next time wear BIKINi
and post in your blog? wehehhahah
jus joking, just comment from me

Anonymous said...

if this is a marketing stunt by jack neo's company.. then i despise the ones behind this. a lil like durai who cheated masses. i hope you guys remember the consequences. one day.. it'll get out. and i'll see how you're gonna clear the mess up.

Li Hua said...

sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccc33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333.................................

Anonymous said...

hi lao zha bor !
dat photo is good n u look pretty too !
don care abt wad others say
jus leave them alone n carry on wif ur life ! n jus treat dat xiaxue like a dirt n take a broom n sweap it away !
hoping to see ur Mv soon !
stay happy,
smile alwayz
stay cool n rock !

Anonymous said...

my son puked after he saw u in "that" picture.

and i'm serious. :S

Anonymous said...

hahaha you are one funky old lady and reading your posts made me laugh. Thanks for bringing joy to a bunch of people who really need to learn to loosen up!

Swee Zha Bor said...

Eddy, I guess your parents didn't teach you well enough when you were a kid cause you turn out to be a disgrace to human nature. You should be ashamed of yourself, you pathetic lump of sorowful human debris.

chuaju_lah said...

hello!! i start to read ur blg after watching Just Follow Law.. i thought it was fake but i tried it out.. and it does exist!! Surprising!! well, i really do support your effort.. keep it going ya

Peace said...

Well said. The dogs bark too much also get tired.

Anonymous said...

eddy...u find it disgusting...then stay away from the blog la...write those things hurt people for wat...u feel shiok typing those things is it..becoz she is old lady...u type those stuff...if chiobu im sure u wont say such things right...nvm man..i believe in luck to u..

Anonymous said...

i love ur photos.
they'r gorgeous.
keep on blogging,cos i love reading it.
jiayou jiayou!

scotty SGF said...

lovely photo my favorites goes to the last two photo thanks you for sharing with us. i think the last 2 photo had capture that warm welcoming emotion. It attracted me.:D

Anonymous said...

Hello Ah ma :D!
You are great. Just carry on with what you are doing.
Blog anything that you feel comfortable with.
This is your blog, so you can blog anything, post anything you like. Just dun bother about others. Just be yourself.
I think you are a great blogger. :D
Jia u! Both You and JingJing are soo pretty. :D
I did something for you and JingJing. Sorry, it is simple. Hope you will like it. Cheerz!!

Anonymous said...

hi...when i first read ur blog my first thoughts were.."hey dis aunty can write decent english"...not bad..i doubted d ability of an aunty like urself bloggin...n brushed my doubts aside , reading it n well i must say ur entries r interesting...tts's d essence 4 every blog rite? interesting entries....somehow after xiaxue highlighted tt it may not be u blogging...hmmm my doubts returned n she sounds logical after makes's just a gimmick...i mean tt's how it is these days...blogging does get one noticed..n it's sooo common these days to blog henceforth d existence of lzb's blog...hmmm watever it d end of d is u lzb tt should dis ur answer to a meaningful life? i is meaningful..heck paris hilton is parading ard d world on charity causes after her jail THAT'S meaningful...anyways dis r just sum thoughts of d end of d day it's ur emotions n image at stake...hope u r happy doin wat u do......ciaozz

Anonymous said...

Eddy, You're like a pay toilet, aren't you? You don't give a shit for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eddy,

if you felt sick reading someone's blog, then please get lost and do not read any further. Nobody's forcing you to read it.

If you do'nt even know how to do that, you have only yourself to blame.

Go and do something meaningful rather than posting this long meaningless poem.

fanjun said...

hey, support u!! don bother bout xx! ;)

Anonymous said...

LAoZaBor,so old n fat still can speak english even though 68 yrs old =.= i appreciate u lols u got husband? i wan be ur husband my name is Josh 70yrs old

ANONYMOUS :D said...

it's my first time tagging your blog!
woah, i support you all the way.

Blogging has always been meant for a positive influence in mind and not for insulting and disgracing people with your negative comments.

People blog , to share their experiences and type down how they really feel , about the important and meaningful events that happen to their very lives . Whether as a whole or just individual , they are mainly the chronological events that happen , and probably will enliven your day , depending on how the posts influence you.

Yes, people have different thinkings. but remember, as a celab or just a normal citizen in singapore, anyone can blog. I'm really inspired by LAOZHABOR for, being so young at heart, rather than being so 'spoiled' at a senior age.

Put yourself in any old people's shoes for pete's sake- you don't even bother to.

such people are typical type of people- SBC [ SIMPLY BO CHAP :D

I feel like i'm writing an exposition, LOL. actually, i've just copied and paste my exposition about blogging from my class blog (:

(P.S, to eddy, you're Exaggerating, i suggest you learn more about heart attacks before you say something in public :D)
LAOZHABOR! pease reply to my tag! :DD

elston said...

u face life very positively. despite the fact of your age, u still can do wat u've really enjoyed. i believed that everyone have their every rights to live the life they want to. stay happy.

Kiki said...

it's the first time i leaving my comment here
i think u're great
just live as who you want to be
live with a young heart
live to the fullest

XiaoYuii said...


Anonymous said...

somehow, your blog disturbs me like how pedophiles do, with the constant narcissistic posts and whining.

Sorry, but whining doesn't make you the victim here. Instead of trying to say you don't want to talk about it, maybe ignoring the whole issue is what sensible elders do.

Of course, whining might not have anything to do with you being an old lady or something. Maybe it's just me who hate seeing people who doesn't have the ability to "act cute" actually does it. Personally, if you want to blog, perhaps blogging about your thoughts and experience might be better.

Vanity, my dear, is skin deep. If people say you are pretty, they are most likely to be lying, since it's next to impossible to remain pretty when you are old. I don't deny that you maintain your looks well, but not to the extent of being pretty, if you get what I mean. Maybe it's the posing in your photos that got my brain fried or something. Just post... normal photos? The one in swimsuit. it totally melted my brain.

Anyway, I'm not a fan of J Team productions. It seems fake. The humour in their latest variety show (what's the name again?) felt crude and not funny to me. Maybe it's just to me. But, not really interested anyway.

Came to take a look at your blog because of the conflict you had with the other blogger. Her blog, i think, is somehow better than you.. She might be bimboistic at times, but sometimes she blogs sense. she always have a reason for her stand in controversy issues she blogged about. So I'm almost always convinced, although I'm not a fan of hers. She doesn't really know how to be tactful, but that's one thing. Ironically, I enjoyed reading her blog.

Last of all, I respect old people. I find them cute. But .. I just don't really like you. Don't worry, I won't come back again. This time, it's just to voice out my opinions.

Okay, hope you have a wonderful career and enjoy what you do. Taa~

Anonymous said...

You rock On LZB!!! Support u and your show!! Dn care really wat others say is de best! ppl dn like it juz shoo!


fanshu said...

yes i like your photos. =)

jae said...

i think it's not the real person that blogs this i mean, it's just too fake. the way the person is trying to slang singlishly, trying hard to sound sad as she receives smses in older post. it's just to fakey for everything.

clement said...

Hello Lao Zha Bor.
I think you're doing well posting such a blog.
It's almost like telling everyone from the older generation that they can do whatever you're doing.

Of course I won't say that the swimsuit pictures are flattering or anything.
But if you're happy, why not?
Afterall, it is your blog.
A blog is a personal thing and basically you're just letting people take a peek into your life.

Peace & Respect,
Clement Neil

Anonymous said...

yup i like the photos (=
you obviously love your god-daughter very much! good for you auntie! anyway i think your blog is fantastic and you are very young at heart!

Anonymous said...

LZB you rock!.. Keep on bloggin despite what other ppl think of you. Have a nice day :D

zihan said...

GReat pictureS.. I think you're the coolest blogger ever~ =]

AJ said...

to eddy:

do you feel happy after saying all this to a granny? somehow insult, tease or whatsoever.

if you really think it is disgusting, why view it at the first place? everyone has their own way of doing things okay. you cant expect people to be like you. i dont see that you can be any better than this granny anyway.

i actually feel sorry for you, you know? because there is the existance of someone like you, elderly peoples are somehow afraid to learn new things. you are just so outdated. are you from the 60s? i think you must be one of those who cant accept new things. or are you jealous?

i dont feel this blog is disgusting in any way. i feel granny is cute. she is lovely. she is willing to learn even at this age. i love her photos. all of her photos. all these photos might look disgusting to you, but it looks so sweet and pure to me and everyone. i dont know why you say people will laugh at it.

no offence.


hey i just watched just follow law. i feel so outdated leh as it was like last year's business already. it was a very nice movie anyway. you made me almost-cry. haha. and muthu is a really funny guy! jack neo is really a good director. director of funny films plus a lil bit of touching scenes.

you are really a good role model. you are brave enough to think out of the box and do stuff just like all of us teenagers do. no gaps between all ages. im really proud of you granny! i love you! hugs!

AJ said...

anyway, i would love you to know that you actually dont have to bother what others say. its about you, not about others. but no matter what happens, you have surely got us to support you. kisses* [=

Anonymous said...

any thoughts that maybe one of the nasty comment may actually be posted by xiaxue herself? HAHA.

Anonymous said...


yea who knows that teapot XX.. wrote one of the bad comments!!

she can do anything she wants! she claimed that shes tired of the disgusting blogger saga! But if shes not happy she might write something bad here!

*puke* bad mouth woman!

Kimberly said...

Wow , yr blog is so cute !!!!
Every monday theshow at 8.00pm is so funny that i can laugh until stomach pain / cramp !!!!!

Kimberly said...

Hi, yr show is great n is funny . Every monday the show at 8.00pm is so funny leh .........
HAHAHAHAHA .............

swl said...

you have my trust (:

Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds like you're not the real LZB then from your previous entry.

Anonymous said...

would a senile old lady blog?
obviously it is set up by jack neo's company to gain publicty.
Whats the world coming to..

Anonymous said...

Hi. :D Rock on k. You're one cool granny who dares to do anything, way cool. Although you're old on the outside, but I believe you're still young inside. :D There's a kid in everyone. :) No matter how old are you. Why care those spamers, sucha coward. You're always one granny who makes everyone smile & laugh, espicially on every Monday 8pm. :D You brings the smile to everyone's faces.

Your photos are fabulous. Jingjing & you looks like sisters. :D Beautiful taken photos, Muthu face is darn funny too. Who says old people are useless? Waiting to be stored in a wooden box & be forgotten? No, not LZB.

Rock on,
G. <3

Anonymous said...

Jack Neo doesn't need any marketing stunt. Don't be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
somehow, your blog disturbs me like how pedophiles do, with the constant narcissistic posts and whining.


You are a complete loser with no sense of self-worth who has nothing better to do. The least you are putting yourself out, the more people will respect you.

Anonymous said...

yesss, we ARE wondering! Can you please just say whether you ARE or NOT? Becos what you said make it seem as though you're trying to hide the truth. I'm sure a lot of people are thinking like that too? I mean just say it, we'll believe you. :)

viinx said...

hey .. you so cute can !! love you man !! espcially when youre acting the world of laugh wearing that raincoat thing , damn cute , love it , love you !!=)

_ting_ said...

i want dumber posts. ='( oya lzb i think u shud go ice skating and make a video outta it. thnk it might be a blockbuster. wheee. cheers for lzb!!

Anonymous said...

You ask people not to talk about the matter anymore, but u continue harping on it. "I simply love my flabby arms" clearly this is to rebuke xx. Well, its really ironic in someway. Perhaps you should deal with the matter with some maturity instead of procrastinating. Maybe if you dealt with the matter like iceangel(another girl who got commented on by xx), perhaps you would have earned my respect. but seriously, you only made me more and more disgusted. Maybe its just me, but i really hate people who contradict themselves. so stop asking us to stop talking about it when u are the one who keeps digging it up, yea.


Anonymous said...

I can say that they are all so GORGEOUS!!
Please keep posting moreeee ~~
Hehehe.. ^^*

Princess Carol said...

Hey Auntie, just keep up the good work OK? Let's hope someone will grant you an interview on a TV program and then you can talk abt your blogging. I'm sure that will help shut some people up.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

c'mon, this is her own blog. she has the rights to post what she wants.
since you don't like her 'inner' photos, you can simply don't view it.
its the matter of your own choice, if you don't like it, you cant ask her to take away.
you shall go away

Anonymous said...

Most likely she would. She is busy right now moving in with her Ang Moh! So proud to blog about it. She doesn't know the word 'SHAME'. Has her parents disowned her? If not how could they allow her to move in before getting married?

erin said...

way to go laozhabor :D ignore those blithering idiots.

Peace said...

That goes without saying. Any one with brains will know the tail belongs to which animals. Every animals have their uniqueness, cannot escape.

kenneith said...

erm..i somehow want to join the J team for quite some time. but always didnt get a chance. wat should i do in order to get into J team?

Anonymous said...

yeayea.. shes currently moving in with that angmoh.. and showing him like getting an award.. telling how big catch she got!

yuckz.. i cant stand her love for pink color (no limit at all)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
LAoZaBor,so old n fat still can speak english even though 68 yrs old =.= i appreciate u lols u got husband? i wan be ur husband my name is Josh 70yrs old



A Guy who love jteam production said...

Nice Nice i love J team movie especially just follow law

Anonymous said...

to eddy:

I'm ot exactly her fan, but I abhor ur way of telling others what they should or should not do with their life.
What gives u the right to stop others from doing their hobby [Take for example LZB:Blogging]?Then why don't u try to find ur life by NOT READING OTHERS' BLOG?


belvia ! said...

nice blog! i love the blogskin toos. dont be bothered by these insults alrights ?

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your posts :)

you make me envy you so much seh.
You stoood up for yourself. despite the fact that xiaxue critisized you on her blog, you still carried on with life.

dont be bothered by her or anyone that critisizes you :) cos they're simply ignorant at heart.

teenagers & young adults have a(little) smae thinking. but dont be discouraged alright.

we will all support you :)

oh. eddy.
well if it's digusting, dont' come then. lao zhar bor didnt create a blog just to recieve bad comments. everyone grows old and dies alrights. You said stepping nearer to the coffin or smth. Everyone does alrights. Next time when you are old, and people critisize you, you feel happy isit?

Rock of LZB <3

Anonymous said...

Hi LZB, i really do think u are doing a great job blogging.No one is too old to blog so don't let anyone tell u otherwise!In fact i wish my parents could do so.It will be so cool!Anyway i totally agree with Anonymous that everyone ages and die.It's only a matter of whether we age gracefully or not. Don't worry LZB, u are doing just fine.

Eddy,blog is for both young and old.Same for photos.If u think only 'beautiful' people can blog,I'm sorry, but i think you should just stick to porn sites!

Anonymous said...

No I hate your photos . A 69 year old woman acting cute , that's sick .

*YuKie* said...

hello lao zha bor i really like your blog i just watched "just follow the law" a few minutes ago it was the best comedy i ever watched and my favourite characters are you, zui and muthu you are all so cute and pls ignore what the stupid eddy said thank you!!!

P.S. pls go to my blog!!!

act on pretty girl!

Anonymous said...


heck whatever xiaxue says.
you go you go! :D

update soon too!

Anonymous said...

hey auntie. hope you feel better! (:

anyway, check out my website! i make my own earrings.

do give me your comments too!thanks!

Anonymous said...

Onli the photos of the young girls are nice

LARRYLAN [: said...

To eddy: I feel that you're a total loser. Sorry to use such a word. But, what's wrong with her huh? So what if someone's old? Cant she find her own 'toy' to have fun? Does old people HAVE to live their live SO boring like some? I think most people were shock when people heard she got a blog. Whats wrong yeah? I think her blog post things thats meaninful or maybe some stuffs she would like to share with us! Please spare a thought on how people feel before typing out stuffs. Everyone will get old isn't it? Get a life yeah? When you get old, people tends to say this to you, would u like it? Eventho she posted, she doesn't mind. But how you know what she really feels! If you don't like her or smth, just press the 'X' button. If you want to spam blogs. Don't worry. Spam on mine childish. AND i can confirm THIS is my blog. & please grow up even if you're older then me as ur mind have not even MATURED yet! Sorry for the wrong spellings as my english is very bad. Thanks. This is what is on my mind and what i would like to say.

LARRYLAN [: said...

And to LaoZhaBor
I was REAAAAAAAALLY shock that you got a blog. Haha. I feel you that you are very funny. Especially the part where those ladies wearing bikinis and you're like "Why can't I wear it?" It's super funny uh! And you look good in the movies you acted too! Do post some of ur young photos and the JingJing's photos! Really hope to see them. Haha. =) AND OF COURSE, don't mind those petty spammers. For ur info, you're not disgusting. Cause you're way better then alot of old people who lead their life very boring unlike you. :)

Anonymous said...

Laozharbor you're suck !! your blog realy disgusting
you better terminate your blog laa weiii !!

Jayson Ang said...

wow laozhabor!
can intro me to cheryl?
she's very adorable!