Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You want to know the truth?

I don’t speak or write good English.
I don’t even own a decent certificate.
I’m not highly educated.
That doesn’t mean I cannot own a blog of my own.

I know if I don’t upgrade myself, I will be eliminated by the society. And this is a hard core truth! That’s why I never give up learning and exploring new things. I use my own way to seek a path alongside with the modern youngsters. Why would you think my positive learning attitude will let you feel that I’m gaining sympathy?

Yes indeed, I seek someone’s help to edit and publish my blog. But I guaranteed all posts are genuinely from me and all the photos are real. I’ve mentioned this to all reporters who had interviewed me before. I never denied this.

Is there a law stating that I must be the one typing and uploading my blog?

Is there a law stating that I cannot seek help if I want to own a blog?

Am I wrong to do so?

If today your grandparents or parents want to start writing a blog and they need your help. Will you reject them or help them?

I requested the trailer of ‘World of Laughs’ from my company to upload it in my blog because I want to share with you my work. I am proud of the show I’m acting in and I want to post it in my blog.

Is that wrong?

Do you really think a senior citizen should just spend their remaining days doing nothing? I’m quite sad that the kids nowadays are so narrowed minded. Go and explore the wonderful things around you. There are much more modern and capable old folks out there that are better than me. I’m just lucky enough because I’m an actress and I have a certain amount of publicity.

I strongly believe that being old shouldn’t feel old. Learning is a life long process. Every decade is a different learning process for everyone. My family, friends and J Team are all very supportive for what I’m doing.

Seriously, I do not blame Xiaxue. My grand-daughter is almost her age, I don’t see the need to haggle with her. The earth exists because of love and harmony. We should learn to smile more and respect people. Hurling all kinds of calumnies against others is certainly not a healthy way to spend your days. If I really want to take it into account, do you think I will lose? I’ve been through all this and I’ve learned my mistake. Evil can never prevail over good. It’s time for you to come realize the truth.

I am contented if I have just 3 readers reading my blog today. I write because I found a new hobby, not because of popularity.

I’m already 69years old, what more can I ask for?


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:D said...

aunty, dont care about xiaxue and other people who gave you bad comments. they just need to get some few tight slaps and they'll be awake.

i love your blog, and of cause, you !

seriously, i love your attitude. the way you 'yin fu' with those silly people .. it's WOOOOW !
there are more people who loves you than hate you.
trust me, and do post more ! :D

My Desired Happiness said...

auntie, dun b so upset, we support ha lol.~~~

Anonymous said...


xiaxue and whoever who tries to slam you down are just people who still lack the maturity in this time and age.

xiaxue is boring. she slams people and brags bout meaningless things. and people who hate her reads about her(which is so stupid also-why give her the attention she needs and want? )

i'm sure one with superb fotoshop skills is rawkin shit. she's really a stumpy dwarf in person with little manners.(one of her best friends is my sister)

lao zhar bo you rawk. you rawk.

Anonymous said...

proud havin so open ppl in s'pore! I noe its lame...
spill the beans!

LonelyBoyss 寂寞小弟弟 said...


Althought I'm only 12, but i enjoy your show very much. And u had really speak out ur mind. Dun worry!! If no one in the world support u, i will support u!! :)

Sharen Wee said...

Keep out a good job.
I read your blog often.
Don't bothered what others say.
As long as you are happy with it, then is ok..

I'm waiting for more post.. =D

Anonymous said...

Don't worry ok!
I strongly support what you say.
Heck that xiaxue. She's just not matured.

LaoZhaBor rocks!

La'enCier said...

Everyone has so many things to do and I just wish i could get more that 24hrs a day. I just don't get why some people can steal a piece of time to stick their nose on others' business. Do they have 48 hrs a day or what? Don't be bothered by them, i believe you won't.

Those losers out there just still don't get it, look at yourself before you point your fingers outward.

If you really so hiong don't use "anonymous" lah. The fact that you shooting people from behind of the computer screen is wayyyyyy more pathetic.

Foodie Lover said...

update ur blog!! I miss ur post!!

PheOn_SsY said...

Hi...I am Xin Ying from Malaysia...I view your blog time to time...I am so proud of you and your spirit...I like the way you express yourself...you are the greatest one~~~ ^^ COOL~~~ In fuel yarh~~~

Anonymous said...

Haha.. just like what steven lim said, "Xiaxue, you suck you suck suck suck!" That's so lame.

Anonymous said...

Ask the "ghost blogger" to write something else lah. Keep talking about Xiaxue just show how immature the "ghost blogger" is. Fishing for sympathy just proof that "he/she" has no content.


Cute as an Angel said...

Hey auntie Lao Zha Bor! Ignore what Xiaxue had written even though it is blogosphere! She is very lucky that Mediacorp gave her a nosejob or she will be nothing! She thinks she is the world's most brilliant blogger? Pui~! Cheer up Auntie, I will always support you! Good Luck in your upcoming shows/movies!

tze lin said...

aunty!!!you rock sia...very cool...i like it!!!

ANDREW said...

haha.. you're a funny but nice lady, i wished my mum would pick up computer like you instead of treating it like a disease...
Do continue to stay young and cool!

lzb's girl said...

aunty, dont bother about what others are saying..
You are free to do whatever you love and i really really respect you for that. I love you taking the effort and passion to connect yourself with the youngsters and make yourself younger and younger each day. Aunty, u will live more than a 100 or 200 years! We just want more of you and wish you Good Health, Good Luck, and Good Life!! May you be happy and blessed always!
Remember, with publicity sure comes some amount of negative critics. You know there are still so many people loving and supporting you. Keep doing what you love!
At the very least, you have MY SUPPORT!

Anonymous said...

mai act cute la . disgusting .

Anonymous said...

laozhabor u rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~xiang~ said...

yea..it takes courage to blog when ur old..i doubt even if i can do de same..

keep it up..n dun bother wat xiaxue said..she is juz a narrow minded bitch who has no respect for de elderly..haha

Anonymous said...

well done for havin v0iced out ur valuable feElings...
n0w i gn0re her n c0ntinue bein more ACTIVE ...

Anonymous said...

do not be sad over what xiaxue wrote about you.she do not have nothing better to do.she do not have control over your life so do not care about her and do what ever u like.ok?keep on blogging please as we are all interested to read about your post.once AGAIN,BE HAPPY ALWAYS!

Anonymous said...

Seriously , im 13 but you're alrdy my idol :D
I adnore your daring spirits .

Anonymous said...

halo,, aunty
pls keep posting ur blog...
u have nvr post ur blog 4 a few week already...
pls keep updating...
don care abt how other ppl say abt u...
jus keep updating ur blog n don care wad ppl say abt u
i will alway support u !

Evolna said...

You want to know the truth?I had never dislike your blog or you before I read the other post in your blog about xia xue.It me that someone your age will use such lowly technique to bring someone down(such as saying She may have been abused by someone at young age or she is psychologically sick).I'm not a supporter of xia xue btw.If the other blogger in the list can handle it so well,why can't you?

Anonymous said...

hey, don't care about other people discriminating your blog yea. (:
your blog is nice and the contents are interesting. so what if you're taking pictures of inflated condoms in swimming pools and stuffs? its nice and entertaining! :D
oh anyway, we already know that this whole blog thang wasn't you really behind typing. ^^
yes, its obvious. but what matters is the contents in it isn't it?
HAHAH! and im totally addicted to your blog. (: because almost EVERY post in your blog has interesting and good contents . and furthermore, your blog has many pictures and its super entertaining. :D yups, so don't stop blogging and don't take XiaXue's insults to heart yeah.

YOUR BLOG ROCKS MORE THAN HERS! and furthermore, every famous blogger do recieve criticism from fellow top bloggers because they're jealous and wants more readers. this is just a price of being a famous blogger. (:
So yea, don't stop blogging okay!
JIAYOUS! :D your blog will be loved by many readers.

Anonymous said...

hellos !
lao zha bor , you dunn need to care about xia xue , maybe she is just jealous about you . that a old lady can have a blog . you dunn need to care of wadd she say . she is so ugly lorhs . only because of her photoshop & make up dhhen will become that pretty . so wadd ? in the end , just a ugly face when she remove her make up .

jia you ! lao zha bor !

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty You aready wrote everything in the blog so even though u r not high educated but u also speak good english!!!And i also like u ass my superstarr!!!

Anonymous said...

Lao Zha bor, updates please ;D

You rock in the Jteam's new production, Gao Xiao Zhi Zun.

Really make my day.
Never fail to make me laugh like siao zha bor.
I wish monday will come quickly =D
I saying the truth =D if not my nose will grow long =x

Anonymous said...

IHATE xiaxue SHE got no respect 4 e elderly

grace said...

r u ok? so long dint "brog" liao...

Anonymous said...

i respect you too.. at least you leave a comment box for people to leave their comments not like tat xia xue who only likes to comment people...

Anonymous said...

you sound so like an adult, like you have been through every storms or sorts, eaten more salt than rice we youngsters have, its really quite sad that you feel that 'kids nowadays are so narrorw minded' because i believe we treat our seniors with respect.

all I want to say is, you can own a blog, you can do anything you want, even if the blog is not really typed and posted by you. People can just say whatever they want in this world, but i hate the tone in your post, you sound as if you are doing a great thing, a noble thing, like a giant leap for a senior citizen

its nothing i say, nothing at all.

stin'07 said...

all the wayyyyyyyyyyyy~
you are cool,mans!
don't get beaten down by the xiaxue.
she thinks just because she's a "famous" blogger,then so what?
she maybe daring to express herself,but she has no inner character.
hms,i shall not comment on her parents,cos i think it's rude to do so.
takecare & all the best:)

cindy said...


toushirou said...

hey auntie..

cheer up..
ii agree wif wad euu sae..
don kre how other ppl look at euu..
b urself iish the most important..
stay happie always..

starpower said...

its not tt we dun believe. is eu put wad lao zha bor . thats why . ppl will tink its not true . dun wry =) senior citizens oso can make frens wif youngster de
i will be willing to be ur fren xD

Anonymous said...

I reckon this blog is going to cease the dark sky and go for the bright shine right?

Both Are Right , Quit The Fight.

Anonymous said...

do not be sad about what xiaxue wrote about you.she do not have the control over you and you are free to do whatever you like.Life is short,therefore you must live your life up to your fullest and you will not regret it.Continue doing what you like and we will all support you.Lao Zha Bor ,Jia You!Jia You!

Anonymous said...

come on, aunty! you can't forgive about what xx say and now trying to gaining sympathy from others.

anyways, you're gross. wad xx said is the truth. Live with this fact til the end of ur life.

Anonymous said...

Lao Zhar Bor,

shut up.
you sucks.

Anonymous said...

LZB...sucks. pathetic old lady.

Anonymous said...

u sucks....u suckkkkksss..YOU suckssss!!!

Benjy said...

Yo aunty Benjy from HIHS here and i totally agree with your touching words!!!! All the way aunty!!!! GO FOR IT!!!

Anonymous said...

To think so many people actually she's the real blogger-.- please loh,she can't even speak english properly.I dont think she's the person who types the entry.I dont think xiaxue is wrong anyway.Who would respect a old women who swam with condoms.Wake up kids!Why nobody go comment on stevenlim?cos you guys agree with xiaxue right?thats the point man,you guys blamed on xiaxue when she says laozhabor,but why not stevenlim?crazy people.Laozhabor,next time dont anyhow play with condoms can?

Nas Baobe'd said...

LZB !!! U ARE cool HOT MAMA!! IT TAKES COURAGE TOO PUT ON THE SWIMSUIT.. iM A MALAY GUY AND I TRULY BELIVE THAT WHAT U DID IS UP TO U.. NOT OTHERS.. i come across u in the just follow law movie and i think that u r sincere.. do u have any events where we all can meet u?

Anonymous said...


Well i think u r great dont care about what people think about u especialy that xiaxue. Do every thing your way!

Anonymous said...

aunty u are soooo cute ;D

PyZhOKruS said...

lao char bo, u rocks man! continuing updating your blog. its really encouraging and cool to see senior citzen like u being so positive about online blogging. once again, u rocks!!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. Keep the spirit up. JIA YOU, JIA YOU.:p

Pixi3 said...

Hey LZB! Xiaxue is pretty offensive. I used to like her but how can she go insult people? For example IA, nail polish also need to comment -.-

It doesnt matter what she wrote. Yes, i think you are pretty disgusting and funny in your posts but dont get dishearted! Many of us come to your blog because they know that there will be funny yet gross pictures for them to laugh over!

No, im not insulting you. But this is the truth. This is the way you gain popularity. Even though its gross, we still come back and visit because there are countless of funny posts.

Old people should not just stay at home and wait to die. Go and enjoy your life to the fullest! Who cares what other people thinks as long as you, yourself, love it!

Dont worry, you still have lots of supporters. Your views are mainly of people who like you blog whereas Xiaxue, they are mainly people who detest her. I never even criticise her but she dont allow me to put my comment. DIAO!

Jiayou with your life! GOGOGO~ LZB (:

Anonymous said...

hello auntie.

forgive and forget. xiaxue is still young and writes horrible stuff without thinking. but , you shldnt care abt her . ''live ur life to the fullest as you live only once. '' i heard this sentence somewhere and i think its absolutely correct. dont let anyone make ur life unhappy just because of what she wrote about you. she nevers put herself in others shoes. think , would she hv the confidence to wear a swimsuit like you when she is older? i've nvr seen a picture of her in a swimsuit in her blog, but who knws , in her achieves , theres a picture there.

carry on blogging! i love reading your blog as you never fail to humor me and i think you are one of the most brave and confident aunites i have come across!


Anonymous said...

Auntie, dont be so affected by whats going on, you provide alot of entertainment for everyone with how brave and bold you are. The things you do at your age is already surpassing alot of stupid people who blog online. Come back and blog. Even if someone is typing and editting you english for you, we dont really care as long as the main content is from you.

Watson said...

yup. totally agree with your statement on just because you don't own a high cert or qualification doesn't necessarily mean that you can't start your blog. keeping in with the times are important:) good job! and your mindset and attitude deserves nothing less than the highest recognition!

Anonymous said...

xiaxue so sucky ah... lol. forgot bout that biatch alright. support u auntie.. hehe =D

Princess Carol said...

Aunty, pls come back, don't stop blogging OK? Pls...

Edison said...

xiaxue is juz a bloody bitch la.. she thought she is pretty. Well, she sux!!
Auntie, i admirer ur courage.. gd job auntie!!

XiaXue Sux!! She is childish..

A xiaxue-reader turned anti-xiaxue now said...

those horrible xiaxue fans. Makes me ashamed for even reading Xiaxue's blog. Her blog is interesting but she sometimes lacks some brains. Same as some of her fans. Brainless and defensive of their dear XX. Regardless of how pathetic they sound, they relentlessly defend their idol without any logic in their defence. Oh shut up u disgusting fans.

Anyway, lao za bor, time to update your blog rite?

Have fun.

^^YiTing^^ said...

Hello :)

Hmm, well to start off with don't be too affected by what Xiaxue said because she is really... what can I say? So bad.

I'm 18 this year and I think you're a great aunty. or grandma? I lost my grandma at the age of 7 and I still miss her alot even till now. It is old people like you who give me so much wisdom and I really applaude you.

Post whatever you like, Hehe, your flabby arms, swimsuits as long as it makes you happy and it didn't harm anyone why not?

Take care lao zhar boh (feel weird calling you that :X) and I wish you all the best in whatever you do. :)

Don't be too affected by the negative comments okay? Sure, it hurts but with every good comments, there's bound to be some bad comments too.

Kudos to you.

Love, Yiting

SHAN said...

Don't be upset over all those stupid commments :)
Even though you can't read well or type well or whatever, but your show interests in blog, so what's wrong wiht wanting a blog f your own? If people got to think that you are not real or whatever, ask them where did they learn their english, they also must learn to use it. Same to you ! If you didn't learn, how to use?

You can just shoot them and ask them to stop commenting on you, when they are also not perfect.

GoneFishing said...

you all just need to loosen up... cut the discrimination.. we are all human... take a break and go fishing!

Anonymous said...

You're a great blogger,
you shouldn't be affected by what she said.
Your blog is interesting,
and XX has no right to say what she said on her blog.
I admit it is HER BLOG, she says what she wants, but that is going too far. She wrote about PEOPLE. People who just want to live the lives they want to. She didn't care about how other people would feel, after reading her blog. I think she's just being plain selfish.
Its great that your living your life to the fullest! Pei fu ni(:
XX just uses her blog and popularity to insult people, like her trip to KL. She insulted everything and everyone. She should have put herself in the shoes of whom she insulted and think, "Would I like this?"

Keep this blog alive,
you are loved.


i <3 all your post!
nope, i won't laugh at my ah ma or anything!
because lao zha bor is a living example

anonymous said...

Hi.. I am 9 and i am a fan of you. i think xiaxue sucks. she is so fat. dont think about what other people say.. like people say me, i just ignore. cheer up, be happy! :P

FLFF said...

Lao Zha Bor,
This is your blog. You're different from Xiaxue. Everyone is different. You don't have to call Xiaxue names 'cos it's her blog. But just remember that you're much better than some people out there! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with u!!

You need to stand up and teach that xiaxue to stop the criticism!!

You are a confident woman and you dont need some wannabe to make you popular!!

pinkiepixes said...

aunty, u sure upgrade urself =)
so cool ^^

i like it~

Psychobitch said...

I stumbled across your blog because someone referred me to it after I experienced a similiar incident with the small minded blogger called Wendy cheng a.k.a xiaxue. youre a source of strength woman! keep it up. one day she will be old and she will get the karma she deserves for being arrogant, foul mouthed and mean spirited. continue to inspire younger people like us.

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