Friday, August 31, 2007

Jingjing's Commercial

I found Jingjing's Commercial in a piece of old newspaper. She did that for an insurance company. She looks pretty in that picture! I think I ever saw a SBS bus painted with this picture. Her face covers almost 1/2 of the bus!

So envy her...
Don't know when will I appear in a commercial...

Hey, anyone out there wanna hire me to be your ambassador? (Ha Ha!)

1 comment:

tamara said...

YES, we do foresee inviting you as guest for an event! but first we need an official email address to correspond with you.

could i please have your email address asap? I'm writing on behalf of Asia PR Werks at amoy street.

my contact details are as follows: or
you can also reach me at

THANK YOU , hope to hear from you soon.