Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I just got a call from my manager.
J Team is looking for new staff!

I am helping to put up a Recruitment Post here.
If you are keen, do write in to apply for the position!

Multimedia Graphic Designer/Animator
Job Description & Duties: The Multimedia Graphic Designer will be in-charged with creation of technical illustration (adobe Photoshop and Illustrator), mediatization of course ware’s and Technical Publication development. Able to handle film animation, preferred with some animation experience in related field.

Job Requirements:
- Editorial quality
- Team spirit
- Creativity and initiative spirit
- Good communication skills
- Good Artistic skill and productivity

Casting & Training Executive
Job Description & Duties: The duties of Casting & Training Executive mainly to help the Casting Director to draw up lists of possible actors for a filming project. The candidate must graduates with an interest in acting and casting, who have managed to enter the film industry at junior levels as assistants in Talent Agencies, thereby gaining experience of selecting and working with actors, or as runners for production companies and/or on feature films. The candidate will also assist in arranging training for new actors.

Job Requirements:
- Creative and think out of the box
- Ability to work as a team is important
- Good creative writing skills
- Bilingual
- Basic understanding of how to operate a video camera & digital camera is an advantage
- Computer Literate
- Excellent organisational skills
- Ability to take direction

Film Editor
Job Description & Duties: The Film Editor should have a passion for creative work with strong scripting, filming and editing skills. The candidate must be energetic and creative and a good grasp of digital animation and visual effects would be an added advantage.

Job Requirements:
- Editorial quality
- Team spirit
- Creativity and initiative spirit
- Good communication skills
- Able to work independently as well as in a team

Interested applicants, please email your application & resume to:

That's all for the 'Recruitment' announcement!

(Hey, manager.... will I get a commission?...)


xiaoxiao said...

this is my first time saw ur blog```
haaaaaaaaaaa i was so shock that you have a blog ```
i so proub of you =] you already 60+ but ur heart still so Young =]
very good keep it up ! ! !
i will support you de HAAAAA

FROM ``` XiaoXiao```

Anonymous said...

So proud of you. U almost same age with my grandma. I am 28. Don't mind what others will say since u are open enough to have your own blog. Guess you will expect comments since your blog is open to public. Live life like there is no tomorrow! You will live life that no one will have! Have fun! =)

HUIYI said...

I just felt like leaving a comment for you :D
Anyway XIAXUE sucks big time, she uses photoshop herself and says that you're disgusting.
You're cute :D
Saw you taking the shoots

Anonymous said...

lao zha bor, i feel tt u r sooo damn cool~~!! i love to watch world of laughs but mi mum do nt allow.... but..... dun feel upset coz after mi exams, i gt lots of time to watch~~!!

xXxSaRaHxXx said...

omg ! gt any part-time actress anot ? if gt i want it. hahas. :)

Anonymous said...

hi.. my gordd... i come to this blog very frequent but my first time posting comment... i like it lorh... so nice... i actually dont believe gortt such blog then my frend tell me hav so i come and see i always recommend to my frenx!

hope u can post more nice pictures and stuff!

-bb [][]

Anonymous said...

hello ^^
Avian here

do u need ani actor =x
i can u knw lol =x

pai-kia said...

haha visit my blog at


Elyn said...

did they accept malaysian to apply the post?

siyan said...