Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Friend on Wanbao!

My friend was featured in wanbao last nite.

This is Yinyin, my cute little friend.

She is a very funny girl! With her around, we will never get bored! She loves to joke and she definitely don't feel inferior of her looks. She is proud to be fat. Just like me, I'm proud to be old now. I think she is a very pretty girl. How I wish I can have a daughter like her.

Her report published until very big, centre page man! I bet her parents were be very happy to see that! Hey, and she is a Malaysian....(to my Malaysia friends) are you proud of your people? +

It's hard to have a talent like her nowadays! She will sure go far and make it big.

I believe that!


Marcus XA said...

ya man, she's getting better...a natural! Hope she can improve further!

Anonymous said...

isaw u at yishun mrt's underground ytd (: hha

葛瑞克的日记 said...

hi, i like yinyin very much.not b'cos i'm malaysian.she don feel shame of her body,even everybody like Mark love to say she's fat in "gao xiao zhi zun".i'm really like her. hope can see her more in tv even the show "gao xiao zhi zun" is ending.

yinyin, jia you!

Apple said...

Yinyin is Malaysian? Cool..
Wish her all the best in her acting career.

Anonymous said...

Why no more gao xiao zhi zhun videos on the blog? I always miss it on TV but I love the show. Can you please put it up in your blog?

SGF scotty said...

Nice to meet you yin yin hehe you are lucky to be part of the Jteam show. welcome to singapore.=p

bearlim said...

ya, proud with yinyin also. she was my junior as well :)