Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Last Sunday I attended J Team & Ocean Butterflies 《非常演员训练班》Graduation Ceremony. The Ceremony was held at The Singapore Repertory Theatre. The students were all very nervous and excited.

Here are some of the photos from their performance…

They look great don't they?

A-do (阿杜)was there as a guest performer! He sang us two songs!

Shawn & Jeremy at audience seat.

The 3 judges: Rebecca, Director Jack Neo & Billy Koh (Marcus and Henry at same row).

Food was served during interval, very yummy! Look at Yinyin! So happy...!

Group Photo!

Jingjing was there together with me but all my photos is in her camera....aiya!


; khsrL said...

lzb! i saw u on train la with ut husband is it. hahahaha..

u were wearing pink. so cute.

Donut Craze said...

LAOZHABOR! I saw your friend Jing jing on the "You Hua Jiu Shuo" last night eh! Haha.

L said...

hey laozhabor...u write this blog yrself or u ask ppl to translate for u one

Anonymous said...

you look so cute....!!! xiao zharbo here

~*SK*~ said...

Thanks for coming to view us perform, hope you enjoy our show.

And... the pics size are sooooo big! Haha, i can literally see my "office tag" picture!


aRiel said...

hey you remember me? I'm the girl that have a small chat with you. I asked you to update your blog more! keke!

~wendy~ said...

haha!! i saw my picture !!
lol.. yupyup..hope you enjoy our show that day..hehe..
omg *my mouth opened so big* =p


aYoB said...

yinyin is big beautiful lady!