Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank you Director Dai

Dear Director Dai,

Thank you for making my dreams comes true. Your excellence work has achieved a great response from Singapore, as well as in Taiwan! I just want to let you know how grateful I am to you.

From Laozhabor

A little bit about Director Dai (戴敏非):

Singing was his hobby

He released his album (2000 copies only – limited edition) two years ago. The album was named 《自得其乐》 (Enjoy Oneself). It has a collection 17 songs, all were written by him.

Check out below 4 songs from his album…
杂菜饭插曲 一常低头




To become a Film Director was his goal

He has filmed a Tele-movie that is due to be released. I’ve shown you in my earlier post but I shall link it again.


Gossip: He has got a very famous Singer sister and his cousin is also an artiste in Singapore!

來自寶島的朋友們!To my Friends from Taiwan



Anonymous said...

His sister is Penny Dai loh. Real talented family.

smallapple said...

hey ya LZB i been visiting ur blog since the day i saw u talking abt this blog in 'Just Follow Law' =)
do support mi also k

Personal Development for the Book Smart said...

Lao Zha Bor, what's your secret to success?

阿比雅雅 said...


WTJ said...

Penny Dai?

sgfriends team scottty said...

congrats to the laozhabor video that hit number 2 in taiwan youtube
Very surprise the HomeMade MV even got our taiwan friends so excited.

Not even our mediacorp MV can compare to it. wahaha

Anonymous said...

wah. penny dai arh. the cousin any ideas on who it could be ?

夏天 said...

台灣新人兼新加坡金曲獎最佳新人蔡旻佑在他的網誌提到你喔! 我是他介紹我才來的, 你好酷哈哈. 在台灣我朋友都很喜歡你哈哈



Anonymous said...

not bad

~*-edIsOn rAwKs-*~ said...

LZB, where can i buy director dai's album? his songs were fantastic!