Friday, October 12, 2007

Laozhabor The Movie?

Ha ha HA!

I randomly found this video clip in youtube. Someone actually edited my scenes in that few movies that I've starred in and put together as a trailer.

I think this user "darkblader27" is rather creative...

Hey "darkblader27", are you interested to be an editor? I can give you some recommendations?!


卡乔鸟 said...


Michael said...

Hi Lao Zha Bor,

Should i address you with that? Oh, well.. anyway just happen to see you yesterday @ Suntec and we took a photo together too if you remember haha.

Am just to drop by to ask how your ulcer?

Hope its alright now haha. =)

Nice meeting you!

ahahaha said...

hahaha.. lao zha bor. u cool la..

ShaRiNe^_^ said...

hey, nice. haha..
but just something to correct: the 'recommandations' should be spelt as 'recommendations' =)

Post more! I'll be visiting often! =D

maggietang said...

hihi^^ im from malaysia....
i watch "just follow the law' then i noe u really got play blogs^^
u really so cool...^^
my name is maggie tang, nick name claire tang,u aslo can call me maggie mee(coz my friends all call me maggie mee=.=")
my blogs is
sry.... my english very bad

maggietang said...


Anonymous said...

wow, you really awesome lao zha bor!

ice said...

wahlao..chey..i thought got this lao zha bor movie lor..mi n my fren tried to search online dun have..we was wondering whether reali got this movie or not..please make a lao zha bor movie leh..we will sure catch it if gt show in cinema de! looks veri tempting to watch..veri funny..too bad dun have such movie..sad sad..