Monday, November 12, 2007

J Team's 7 Princesses

I’m quite happy to see our J Team’s 7 Princesses appear in The Newpaper last Saturday. All the girls in the article are my good friends. They are young and pretty, just like me 40 years ago (Ha ha!).

My god-daughter translated the article to me and told me someone from Mediacorp has commented that our 7 princesses are like ‘getai’ girls. He also referred the J Team’s 7 Princesses as cheap branded fakes.

I was shocked at first, couldn't believe what I've heard, but my god-daughter said it was really quoted that way in The Newpaper. My god-daughter said:“報紙寫妳們的七公主像唱歌台的,還說她們有如冒牌貨!”

Aiyo, how can they compare our 7 Princesses to cheap branded fakes? Everyone is unique in a way.

Director Jack Neo is angry too. (Click Here to see his blog)

I feel sad for the comments being made.

The girls are too young for their age to receive such comments.

Maybe the society has change, and now more youths are being groomed at a young age to be an artiste. And yes they do have to face with the public criticism & comments. However a chance is not given to them yet, to allow them to showcase each of their talents.

Take a look at our J Team’s 7 Princesses:

Natalli (愛雯)

Megan Zheng (鄭智允)

Chen Chuxuan (陳楚鏇)

Cheryl Chan(陳雪兒)
《小孩不笨1》 女主角

June Ang (洪慧敏)

Tiffany Chia (謝美婷)
《我在政府部門的日子》 飾演女公務员 擅长冷面搞笑

Sherry Xie (謝慧敏)

Look at them!
Aren't they stunning?


I strongly believe every one of them has a bright future ahead.

Come to think of it, the snake won’t bite if they don’t felt threatened.


~*SK*~ said...

pretty and stunning!
I hope that paul chan really dosnt mean what he say, just the newspaper wrongly interpret his words!

Wei Lin said...

Strongly agree with you.. "Come to think of it, the snake won’t bite if they don’t felt threatened"..

LaoZhaBor's fans said...

wow Cheryl Chan stunned me =D

Miguel Angel said...

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Anonymous said...

Seriously auntie, I think you should blog about your own life more like when you cook curry, take the bus, gossiping session with jingjing, or like your old pool sessions with the young guys, or more about yourself. Instead of blogging everything about J team, Mr Jack Neo's productions etc. Its no different from reading the chinese wanbao, and its getting boring whenever people read your blog. Bring the limelight back to yourself instead of helping Uncle Jack Neo blog about his news.

prawnified said...

your blogging is way too commercialized. Just look at the frequency you blog about jack neo.
is it a cheap publicity shot or what?

wINnIE said...

To my opinion Cheryl Chan seems the prettiest.

But all are pretty:)

red forever said...

i think cheryl chan is pretty, shes got the charisma! groom her!

LaoZhaBor's fans said...

hey er...wheres the 7 prince? since there were princess ald..

Anonymous said...

they cannot be compared to the 7 princesses of Mediacorp but i think they have their own traits and talents too.

Jayson Ang said...

hey i wanna know Natalli!
can intro me?!