Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A message from Student

This is a short video message from J Team Students
while we're filming 《搞笑至尊》.

Which one can you recall?


I know some of you are complaining that I've spoken too much of J Team but I thought that's what you want? Last time when I post my pictures and blog about my personal life there were negative comments too.

Later I'm going out with Jingjing shopping.... maybe we take neo prints again to show you?


jAnIcE said...

actually, it's ok that u blog about Jteam but u should blog about ur personal life more frequently. don't care wad neg comments those ppl give. btw, i watched jack neo's i not stupid too again and it was still very touching. wonder if u could ask him to produce i not stupid three? thanks.

Anonymous said...

We rather see you post more of yourself than post about J team or Mr Neo's productions.

You are you, an auntie posting about her daily life, and people find that interesting and think you're cool. We know you work for J team, but posting too much for Jack Neo makes your blog boring. People would rather see you go shopping, do new stuff, cook at home, hangout with friends. Thats what made you famous worldwide. You should realise that theres a decrease in your blog's hits because its irritating to see you blog about J team in every blog entry.

You have my support because its honourable to admit to things.

Anonymous said...

just do what you think is right , no need to care on what other say , you are you no one is like you !!! all the best !!! i will come in frequently to look at your lastest post .keep on going !

Anonymous said...

auntie, everything must have positive and negative side~
so, dont care~
just put wht u want ~~

Anonymous said...

I think it would be the best if you have a nice blend of both your personal life and the news from the J Team. You need not bother what others say as this is your blog.....

furong said...

just post whateever u want.. dont care about the rest la.. it's YOUR blog.. ill read whatever you post.. no matter j team or personal.