Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Golden Horse Exclusive!

Ha Ha Ha!

My manager has given me some pictures to upload from Golden Horse Awards!

Gurmit was welcomed by some Taiwan fans when he reached airport. He was very excited and happy to see them!

This picture was taken in Hotel Lobby before their tea-party. From Left: Angie Ho (My Manager), Gurmit Singh, Michael Yeoh (Animator), Boris Boo (Creative Director)

This Ang Mo was the GM of the Hotel. He requested to have a picture taken with Gurmit.

Our 4 nominees receiving certificates of their nominations! From Left:Michael Yeoh (Animator), Tan Wei-lyn (Scriptwriter), Bon Sek Yieng (Scriptwriter), Gurmit Singh.

The above information was provided by my manager. I'm angry lah.... they never bring me along!


Apple said...

Don't angry lar..maybe you can go next time =)

rambochai said...

yah... u will have many chance de... and u also will famouse... i trust in u ... the thing is u will be the one ... yeah?

yousuck said...

Of course never bring you la -.-
bring you everyone at golden horse faint sia, you know how much you suck?