Wednesday, December 05, 2007

J Team Gathering on 23 Nov 2007

Sorry to post this late cos I have to wait for the pictures to be ready!

I grabbed these pictures from office, they hired a photographer for the event. We had a fun time at Geek Terminal Cafe at Market Street. J Team reserved the whole cafe for ourselves. We had free flow of drinks and food!

This guy is one of the students in our latest batch of graduates. He is now coaching dancing for our artistes. His name is Jinguang, a very good dancer!

This is the J Team dancing group in our party! They called themselves 'Chilli Padi' (Ha ha Ha!) From Left: Jinguang (J Team Student), June Ang, Cheryl Chen, Jack Neo, Natalli & Johnson (J Team student) **No lah, Director Jack Neo is not in this group because he can't dance! HA HA HA.... don't tell him hor!

Me and Jingjing, buzy looking at our pictures!

Our 6 babes, Tiffany is missing....

The dance performance. They only spent 2 days to practice this dance! Great Effort Kids!

Mark Lee giving his speech, sharing his experiences.

Marcus Chin also sharing his views.

And of course, our J Team Founder, Director Jack Neo also came out to give his speech.

Our Big J Team Family! This is our Family Picture!

And as usual, I must take a separate one with the guys lah!

It's really great to be in this family!


jason said...

ur gathering was so fun! how i wish to be dere! haha.

Ron said...

aiyo,y yingying you bian fei le?!?
yingying jia you,slim down more (=

rambochai said...

SO cool that can gathering together with all the "star" oh...
hope i also can be there ...

Anonymous said... many chio bu!!!(young ones hor)