Thursday, December 27, 2007

Museum Look-OUT!

My Museum tour with Mark Lee

I took a picture with him before we start the tour. He was very happy to see me supporting him!

Take a look at him! He was very serious when he tells the history of the museum!

Me and Jingjing buzy taking picture in the crowd.

Some nice view from the new building.

We are in the Fashion Gallery, featuring 1950s - 1970s fashion from the days.

This is the Film Gallery, featuring our first film director in Singapore (Sorry, not Jack Neo). Do you know who he is? This gallery is very dark so the picture came out blur, but very arty hor?

Happily chatting with the group members.

Both me and Jingjing like this staircase very much! So we posed for a pix.

This is the Photography Gallery. You can find antique cameras and old pictures in this gallery. This photo showing the marriage certificate in the 60's.

This is the Food Gallery, featuring all the cutlery's and kitchen ware from the olden days. You can smell food in this gallery that will definitely makes you hungry!

Our friendly Mark Lee still explaining to us the details to clear our doubts.

It's the end of the tour and he was giving out souvenirs for Q&A. The kids love him!

Both me and Jingjing was surprised when he asked us up on stage. He introduce us to the crowd and appreciated our support.

My 2nd surprise was a birthday gift from Director Jack Neo. Director Neo was not in town so on behalf of him, Mark Lee presented me with the gift in front of the crowd. I was so touch!

Photo taking session with the crowd. Me and Jingjing also took a picture with Mark Lee.

Ta-tah! This is my birthday gift from Director Jack Neo. A Nokia 6500 mobile phone!
Thank you Mark Lee for this tour.

Thank you Director Jack Neo for the birthday gift!

I love J Team!


Apple said...

What a nice gift! Take care and stay happy =)

Anonymous said...

erm thought we not suppose to take any picture in the museum ? thought its illegal too ?

Anonymous said...

hey laozhabor can u giv tell me hw to be a star if can email me at msn pls replay

your regerts tricia yeo

Macy Phoo said...

cool! :3 Man, I'm sure that the trip is really interesting with Mark Lee-!! This must be a great experience right? ;P

Anonymous said...

which museum you gal went?? is it singapore museum?? how much is de admintion fees??