Friday, December 14, 2007

My Friend Jing Jing

Long time no news from Jing Jing right?

She always go tour lah... I also hardly see her now.

Below is a picture she took in KL's Clinic. She got high fever during her trip to KL. She visited a clinic over there and immediately the doctor recognise her as the Ah Ma from INSToo. After treating her, he requested to have a picture taken with her. Look at that doc, he's quite cute isn't he? But Jingjing doesn't look good, she is not feeling well lah!

This is a picture taken during her shoot from INSToo Drama. (From Left: Nick Shen, Joshua Ang, Shawn Lee, Yani, Jamie Teo, Lau Leng Leng, Jingjing, Xiangyun and Ah Boy)
(picture downloaded from MediaCorp's Website)

Look at Jing Jing, this is one of her pictures from the studio. She is a beauty isn't she?

We went to Genting together last few weeks.... wanna see our pictures?


Scotty SGF said...

Genting a good place to start your vocation as well as honeyMoon. hehee the casino is yuck!i saw one of the gambler vomit onto the carpet eehh. maintenance is poor the place is dirty in the casino. The food is good! =p

Anonymous said...

Did you really wrote these entries by yourself?? ahhaaha..

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's Jamie teo.

Anonymous said...

you find the doc cute.thought you old aldy still find ppl cute and hensem ar??

老查某 said...

I do have my sense of appreciation. It's sad if you thought being old means losing their judgement. Certainly not for me.