Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I went to Jingjing's dim sum stall in the morning to have breakfast. Yes, she got her own stall selling finger food. I simply loves her ju chiong fun, she made herself. Lots of other varieties like goreng pisang. She is very buzy when I'm there. Long queue leh, good business.

This is her store. 'A' for Excellence & Cleanliness.

Posing for me even she is buzy. She must be happy to see me!

Finally got time to eat with me!

I actually wanted to ask if she is available in the afternoon, but she got not enough helpers today so she can't go out. No choice lor, I have to arrange another day.

Actually I feel like going to karaoke. We usually went to RC's one, not much choice of songs. Bobian leh, now I must start to practice cos I'm doing a recording for the Rap soon... must get prepared mah.

Which karaoke you think it's nice to go? Can you recommend?

Later I'm gonna dig out all my old photos and see if I can post in my blog. Hmmm, who is interested to see how I look when I'm a teenage? I'm not sure if I can find, but I'll try k.

That's for today!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Relaxing Spa

I went for a relaxing spa yesterday somewhere down town. The girl over there recommended me a Swedish massage, saying it will removes tight knots of tension and brings relief from stress. Yar man, I’m quite stressed out recently…never take any winnings from my mahjong game. She chooses aromatic oil for my massage. Oh god! Her firm relaxing strokes makes me feel so relaxed.

After a 30mins massage, she continue to do my facial, claming the skin care products she used was 100% natural ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin. Aiyo, my skin so old and loose, how to make it beautiful? Then I finally can go to bath tub for my 20 mins Jacuzzi! Wow, so shiok.... how I wish my house got Jacuzzi!

After the bath when I thought of putting on my clothes, she recommended me to do a hair and scalp treatment. She told me that my hair and scalp looks dull, a 20mins treatment will cost me another $68 only. I thought of not doing it in the first place, but that girl sounds sincere…aiyo, just let her earn another $68 lah.

After the hair and scalp treatment, frankly speaking, I can’t see the difference between before and after. Anyway, I do feel relaxed after the whole session. While I’m still wrapping in a towel, I asked that girl to take a picture of me wearing that. She thought I’m a tourist (obviously she didn’t watch my movies! – so sad!).

When I open my blog today, I saw so many encouraging comments by all my little supporters out there. I just wanna say “THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU”…. I guess you’re rite, I should continue to do what I feel like doing.

My KL trip to promote the movie has cancelled. Aiya, I thought I can go Times Square to shop for my god-son and god-daughter. But J Team has some other projects for me, they have cast me for the new season of “Creatively Mine” (Hurray!!!) and their Music Director has written a Rap for me to sing. My GOODNESS, Rap leh.... I already speaking veri slow liao and now they want me to Rap. I don’t know if I can do it….. Stress again…. All the massage efforts gone….

Monday, March 26, 2007

My New Apple

Recently I've got no mood to blog. Seeing some losers leaving insulting comments makes me depressed. Anyway, I've deleted those comments due to vulgarities, I'm the censorship board...hee!

To make myself happy, I bought an Apple Macbook Pro. I’ve never use Mac before so I ask my god-daughter to teach me. I actually learned my computer skills from her, she is very patience with me. I also don’t know why I want to use Mac, maybe it’s the ‘in’ thing now. I got a hard time figuring it out the software, but I really like the design.

Cool rite? Don't know Mac can play online games or not...

Later I have an appointment to go spa, if the center allows me to take pictures. I will upload the spa photos in my blog.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Day out with Jingjing

I went out with my good friend Jingjing just now together with my god-son. We went to Causeway Point for lunch. I ordered a bowl of mee-pok ta and she just had a dessert.

The mee-pok ta is damn good, very 'chilli'... shiok!

Jingjing suggested going to a VCD shop, she wanted to buy a set of "I Not Stupid 2" drama series which she had starred in. When we stepped into the shop, aiyo... all the salesgirls crowd around us.

They recognize both of us and requested for our autographs. Very pai-say, because I don’t really like to sign autographs. Anyway… they are friendly and nice…although no discount for our purchases (why huh, don’t know how to be ‘human’?).

We took a group shot using my camera, I’ve promised to give them a copy (err… provided I remember lah!). I’ve also bought a set of the “I Not Stupid 2” drama series for my god-son who is buzying snapping shots.

Aiyo, her darling call liao... must faster go back!

I drop by her house for a cup of tea. Gosh! I saw a Picasso painting on the wall. So cool!

Her house deco is very chee-na and antique. I joke about the Picasso painting is very out-of-place in her house, better give me…hee!

I simply love this stone lion!

Look at the Raw Crystal! Oh my god, can I have it pleaze...

I also love this unique display on the floor....

Jingjing ah, can you let me stay at your house?

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Little Commercial...

My God-daughter did this for rite?
She promised to do more videos for me in future...

Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm on News!

Hey Guys!

I'm being published on 《新明日报》last nite. I did the phoner interview last week and it was published last nite. Amazing rite?

They use one of my pix in my blog and also mentioned my blog address. So now I think more and more aunties and uncles will start to set up a blog soon!

Will I be mentioned during this year National Rally? Mmmmm...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Dear Fans,

I do not have MSN account, hotmail account & Friendster account. If you happen to see someone claiming to be me and asking you to add him/her... DON'T DO IT!

Please post me a comment in my blog and ask me if you have doubt. Best of all, provide me with the link, I will tell you if it was really me.

Gosh... it's no good to be famous.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Creatively Mine

I did this shoot a few years back for "Creatively Mine". It was done with some computer graphics. Not easy to act okay! I have to imagine as if the real thing was there!

I heard the 2nd Season for "Creatively Mine" is coming. I hope J Team will invite me to act again, so I will have more things to blog!

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Surprise Call

Director Jack Neo called me up on Saturday! He told me that he loves my blog and ask me to update more often. Aiyo.... I'm an old lady liao, don't know what to update leh. I everyday only eat and sleep, sometimes go spa, play golf, play billiard, appreciating wine and oh... I loves mahjong! My english not so good, cannot write well leh. My god-daughter is the one who helps me with my blog, I can never do this alone!

Stresssss lah....

Some readers also request me to put up a tagboard. I got put last time, but got some stupid idiots abused it and input vulgarities using my name, so I removed it. I can't control what people wanna say, but I think I have the right to decide what to put in my blog.

I'm actually not so IT trained. I made some young friends last year while I'm shooting "Just Follow Law", they taught me how to create a blog and design template. I thought the only way to stay young, is to be young. Forget all the wrinkle cream and plastic surgery! Feel young, live young is the only solution to be young!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Photo Shoot

I was been offered a photo-shoot session at J Team the other day.

They intended to bring me to Malaysia for "Just Follow Law" Promo, so they need my photos for publicity.

This is not the first time I'm being photographed by professional, but I'm still very excited about it.

The makeup artist and photographer are already waiting for me when I'm there in the morning. I'm not late okay, they are early! Very pro...

I told May, the makeup artist, that she will have a hard time making me look beautiful. She said, at my age with my present look, I'm considered beautiful... how sweet!

Look at her makeup set! I'm amazed!

She started to 'paint' my face... and I've started to doze off...

Hmmm..... feel so relaxed when she brush on my face... like facial massage.

She decorated my cheek with two 'raindrops' wanted me to 'act cute'. Cool rite?

I took a picture with May. You can check her out at her website, Makeupart

Call her if you are looking for a professional makeover.

May Pan (Mobile: 9791 8879)

Friday, March 02, 2007

"Just Follow Law" Celebration Luncheon

I was invited to attend the "Just Follow Law" Celebration Luncheon at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant @ Esplanade today. I almost forgot about the invitation until J Team's manager called to remind me!

I was late for the 'lou hei' but manage to catch up at the 2nd dish.

When I stepped in, Director Jack Neo immediately introduce me to the press. It was so embarassing! He mentioned to them about my blog! Gosh...

Director Jack Neo did a short appreciating speech during lunch. He is such a sweet man!

Hey, Muthu was there too! I told him, besides Fann and Gurmit... both of us can also be considered MAIN CAST leh....

Wah piang! Look at that 'gong', almost the size of my palm! I faster grab and finish it off...

My good friend Jingjing was there too! She is also famous for her role in "I Not Stupid Too" as Jack Neo's mother. Remember? The 'lame' word? Ha ha... frankly speaking, she is more hip than me!

I took photo with Tony too! He was the fat man in the temple.

Never really have a chance to meet Steven Woon on the set except during the 'fire' scene. Hey, I think we look a bit like a couple rite? Hee....

Omg, look at Samuel! I'm not even at his shoulder!

Brandon Wong is so handsome! We had a great time while filming!

Minister Seto! We are wearing lover's suit leh!

Me & Muthu, we are the stars at the luncheon! (cos Fann & Gurmit wasn't there!)
A group photo with the rest of the casts. Gosh, I'm so proud of myself! Thanks to Director Neo for inviting me to this luncheon!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

"LaoZhaBor" ICON

One of my fans did this for me... cool rite?

She said it's nice to have an icon for my blog. I'm grateful...

I've met some nasty jerks saying I shouldn't be blogging at my age and also not to post my pics in my blog.

Com'on! I think it's becos I can write better than you and you're freaking jealous!

I'm famous, I'm pretty and I'm proud of being what I am.

Before you comment on my look, check your own reflection in the mirror!