Monday, April 30, 2007

The Shoot (The Finale)

Next, we passed by an unknown construction site. We were trespassing but we did say hello to the workers and they allowed us to take pictures there! It was a tremendous experience to take photos in a construction site! It was real fun, maybe you can try that next time!

On the other side of the construction site, we happen to find a very beautiful river. Very beautiful, really. We took a rest over there...



I was doing the shoot alone at a private swimming pool....and I wearing only......


Ok ok....I know I do not have beautiful shape....but I really think I look good in that!

And by looking at the you know what the ballons are made of? I don't guess!

Okay, I hope you guys enjoyed my sharing. Of course there are lots more good photos but I can't post them all. I'm getting complain of putting up too many photos (I thought you like that!). By the way, hope you've watched the clip on Channel 8 just now. Oh, and the video clip...... I havn't get hold of it yet. Will upload it immediately once I have it.

That's all for today!

Can't even say 'Ta-ta' now, cos some say too kiddish.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Shoot (Part Three)

Next, we are at Seng Kang...

Look at the beautiful LRT Track, can you imagine Singapore also have great scenery view?

Posing infront of the track... nice rite?

Doing stretching.....1 2 1 2 1 2!!

Artistic Shot. I like it very much!

Cool pose izenit? Hmmmm, I would be more sexy if I'm back to 40yrs ago....sigh...!

We met a big groups of fans over there! They were great kids! Aiyo, I wanted to treat them some cold drinks but they all pai say ley! Oh my, I love them so much!

That's the end of my Part Three.... hee....

Btw, I have two good news to announce!

One: Please tune in to Channel 8 on Monday, 8pm to variety programme "Creatively Mine". I'm in the short clip again, this time round it's damn funny....MUST WATCH!

Two: One of my video clips will be ready by Monday!!!! (Oh my God!) Are you excited? I will upload it immediately once I got the copy!

Don't forget to visit me again!

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Shoot (Part Two), we drove to a neighbourhood shopping area.

Director brought us to a convenient store to shoot some video clips. He brief us on what he wants to shoot. It was some jokes on condoms, sanitary pads and other items. (You will sure love them! It was damn funny!).

See? I'm sending infront of the cashier and holding a big box of condoms! Director is shooting...

Part of a scene in the clips.

Jingjing happily shopping for tibits while I'm shooting.

Hmmm, when can I be the next FHM Cover Gal?

Jingjing said her body shape used to be like dat.

We pose with pads!?!? Isn't it cute?

After the shoot, we continue our journey to Seng Kang. We took pictures in a very nice garden and we met a big group of our fans there. You wanna know what happen?

Stay tune till my next post!

P/S: Director Jack Neo has moved his blog to blogspot. To visit his new blog please Click Here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Shoot (Part One)

It was Friday afternoon.
Me and Jingjing went to meet up with Director and his team. Before the shoot, we had our lunch at a neighbourhood kopitiam. You may be wondering whey we ate in ta-pao packets. Because we thought Director was in rush for the shoot, but after we ta-pao....he said,"Let's eat here lah!"
Aiyo, say so mah! (Hee!)
Can you see Director at background? The table too small so he sat on another table.

After lunch, we drove to some highway....I'm not sure where, but it's located at east side. We will told to alight at the highway. ALIGHT AT HIGHWAY? ARE YOU KIDDING? Yes we did. Me and Jingjing did some photo shoot in the middle of HIGHWAY! It was so scary!Very dangerous lah, but we finally did some nice shots.***BEWARE: PLEASE DO NOT GO TO HIGHWAY TO TAKE PHOTOS YOURSELF, WE HAVE LOTS OF PROFESSIONAL WORKERS WITH US BUT YOU DO NOT. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THE RISK! IT'S DANGEROUS!It was very hot, you know lah...highway where got shade for us?

After that, we proceeded to our next location for another shoot.

That's all for Part One, to know more....visit me again. Ha Ha!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lotz of stuff coming up!

Yes yes yes....

I'm at Sentosa with Jingjing yesterday. We went there for photo shoot. I am very tired after the shoot on Friday and Sunday. I have yet to compile the photos. I need to rest first....too hectic for me!

Please be patience, I will upload them soon! Give me some time yar?

I want to tell you about my Friday video shoot and my Sunday photo shoot.... so many things to tell you!

Just enjoy the video I upload today lah! Be good k.

Good stuff must wait one lah! Everything dig out at once, I've got nothin' left liao lor.


I did this shoot in year 2002. It was a Traffic Police Project, Road Safety for Senior Citizens. Quite an interesting Music Video.

This song was sung by J Team Artiste, Michelle Tay. Her voice resembles Teresa Teng isn't it?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Shoot


I did the shoot yesterday with Jingjing and it was so much fun!
Director had a hard time cos we always forget our lines! Hee, sorry!
We took lots and lots of photos during shoot! I've given them to my god-daughter, she will upload for me once she has compiled them. Please be patience yar!

We did a lot of short video clips. All are very funny clips! I'm sure you will like it! I will upload them once they are ready.....

I'm so tired, need to rest well today cos we have another round of photo shoot tomorrow! I'm so excited...

Till then, ta!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hee Hee....

So have you guys visited Director Jack Neo's blog?
He called me just now. He said he will blog both in English and Chinese.
You can leave comments for him in English, he loves to see your comments!

I will be going for a shoot with Jingjing tomorrow. We will be shooting some short funny clips. Director Jack Neo will be doing the shoot. He allow me to put it up in my blog once ready. He is such a nice man rite? I'm really grateful to him for supporting me and my blog. I may not even know what is a blog, if he didn't call me up for the movie shoot.

Thanks, Director Neo!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Director Jack Neo is Blogging!

You know what?

Director Jack Neo has started to blog. He said since I have a blog, he must have one too! But the content of his blog is in Chinese language. He writes about his daily encounters and post his personal pictures up.

You guys must go and support his blog ah! Don't spam k.

To visit his blog click here

Some screen shots of his blog:


Why am I always wearing that red top? Aiya, becos it's my fav baju lah! I wore it for the photo shoot as well, remember? (The fact is, I got no nice baju, this red top take photo nicer mah!) Aiya, ah ma is like dat one lah! Red red got good luck! Someone suggest me to wear younger like hip hop style.... can meh?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Arcade

Can you imagine?

I went to the Arcade with Jingjing! We had a hell lot of fun overthere!
To get myself mentally and physically prepared for the MV shoot.
I must stay happy and hippy. My god-son brought us to the arcade.
This is my first time going there!

Here are the evidences:

Okay, you may think that I do not know how to race, just shift left and right lor! Kind of easy lah, but I always kana 'accident'! Haha..

This one like the canon I used to play, very easy to play. I scream like nobody business!

Jingjing prefers to drive. She is a cool driver in real life! We are so happy racing together!

We also tried doing the girly thing, shooting target with balls & basketball.

Erm, we missed all the targets...

We love to play this! Just hammer and hammer! Ha ha!

Shooting! One of my best games! Don't prey prey yar!

Finally, riding on happily on Merry-go-round!

I am so tired! After 'caging' for so long, it's a relieve to have such fun!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

MV approved!

Thank you so much for all your votes!

J Team has confirmed shooting a MV for this Laozhabor's Rap! I'm not sure how are they going to do it, but they are working on it now.

I sincerely grateful to all my fans out there who support me! Don't worry, I will not be bothered about the negative comments. I can't pleased everyone. I'm just trying to do what I feel like doing. I don't want to have any regrets in my life. I want to let the new generations know, we senior citizens can also live like a youngsters. We may be physically old, but our souls are not.

I will try my best to shoot a good MV and share with you. I need your support to give me strength.

For those who miss my acting, please tune in to Channel 8, 8pm on coming Monday (it's tomorrow!) to watch "Creatively Mine". I've acted in the short clip.

Must watch ok?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Laozhabor's Rap (with Eng Subtitles)

To all of my English speaking fans:

Voting to shoot my MV will end by tonite 23:59.
Please type "We want MV!" in my comment.
Only "We want MV!" will be counted as one vote.
You can vote a few times if you want, as long as there is a complete "We want MV!".

Act now my dear fans! Act now!

Erm, can I vote for myself?....

P/S: Today is Friday the 13th!...Scary!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Neo Print

Here are some old photos to share.

Jingjing and me wanted to take Neo Print very long liao. One day we went into an arcade to look for the machine. We were stunned when we found them, so many varieties! And worse, all in japanese...don't know how to operate.

We met two little girls who were very helpful and taught us how to select the menu. We were so happy that we finally took the Neo Print.

You may find both of us are acting cute.... but who cares?

This is our products!

The two little girls who helped us. Aren't they adorable?

One of the girls told me, there were much more better Neo Print machines around.

Do you know where to find them?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dear Laozhabor...

Why not opening an MSN account?
Learning to blog already killing me, I will say NO to MSN.

Where is Jingjing's stall?
It's at Woodlands Centre Hawker.

Who is your god-son and god-daughter?
They refuse to show themselves, just leave them alone.

Is Jinging my only friend?
Of course not. But not all of my friends agree to appear in my blog.

Do you have a family?
Yes I do. I would like to keep my family background as private. Just make believe Laozhabor only got one god-son and one god-daughter.

I don't understand your rap cos' it's in Chinese.
I will ask my god-daughter to insert subtitles to the rap video. I will ask her to post it up once ready.

I hope my grandma/grandpa is like you.
Try teaching them how to blog like the way my god-daughter taught me. You never try, how you know they can't do it?

Please do breakdance in your MV.
Are you trying to murder me?


girlinlove said...
laozhabor ,i gt a problem . i like a boy in my class but he already like some one . wad should i do ?? i really like him but he already likes some1 else .pls tell me wad i should do ...

Dear girlinlove,
How old are you? Are you too young to fall in love? Anw, it's not wrong to like someone. Have you ever tell him you like him? If you have no guts to open up, then it's just too bad you have to continue liking him at one corner. Actually try to enjoy the moment of secretly admiring someone. Everyone went thru this. You will miss this kind of feel when you grow older (I mean ... real old). Lastly, if he doesn't sees in you, he got bad taste. Don't bother to waste your time with him anymore.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm on News...again!

Yes, I'm on News again.

This time round, The Sunday Newpaper.

I'm actually quite reluctant to do the interview because... I'm not used to the 'fame' I'm getting now. The reporter, Wendy Teo, tried very hard to contact me. She called J Team, tried getting my contact from the previous reporter who had interviewed me and even called Director Jack Neo! Last resort, she tried leaving me an email and hope that I will do this interview.

Director Jack Neo and my god-daughter both persuade me to do this interview. My god-daughter said that Ms Wendy Teo was very sincere and I shouldn't reject her interview. So, after a day of consideration....I asked my god-daughter to reply her email and go ahead with the email interview.

After seeing myself in the Newspaper, I felt great!

Dear media, please give me sometime to adjust my mindset, I may be able to do a face-to-face interview in the future.

I would like to thank Ms Wendy Teo for writing this article.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Day of Hope

I'm so happy to receive positive feedback for my rap!

So you think I should continue rapping? The demo version is only a try out for me, the whole song is actually very long. I need to go back to redo the recording. I think I should sing an english rap as well for my malay fans rite? How about that?

My kneel still hurts and I can't really go out. So boring at home. My god-son, a drama addict, came visit me with a big bags of VCDs & DVDs. He brought them to kill my boredom, he is such a good boy isn't he?

I've watched one telemovie starred by Shawn Lee. Shawn is the little boy I acted with in "I Not Stupid Too". I didn't know he got a new show!

The show title, "Colour of Hope"

It's quite a nice show with very good computer effects. It's a story about some lights from the 'light world' came to earth and brought along the warmth shared between family, friends and lovers to a batch of teenagers. Stop watching Korean Dramas, Japanese Dramas and Taiwanese Dramas! We should support our local productions!

How I wish the colours from the 'light world' come to me. Bring me more hope to let me shoot a MV! My votes are not enough, please say "We want MV!"! Director Jack Neo says he wants to see at least 100 votes, if not no MV for me.

So please give me hope! Leave me a comment and vote for me!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Laozhabor's Rap


I 'stole' a copy of my demo from the Music Director.

I pass it to my god-daughter and she made it into a video file with lyrics for your viewing pleasure.


Well, please listen to my rap and give me feedback. If the responses are overwhelming, J Team will help me to shoot into a MV.

Do you wanna see my MV - PLEASE VOTE!

Monday, April 02, 2007

My Wonderful Weekend!

Wow! So many comments! I almost fainted... I am so happy, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG!

I've hurt my knee recently and can't really go out. I've seen doctor twice and now it's recovering. "Thank God!"

But I still manage to search a few old photos to post on blog, JUST FOR YOU.

Here goes...

This is me when I'm sixteen. Very adorable rite? Maybe I'm not so pretty, but I think I look cute in that dress rite?

This is me in my early twenties. I love wearing mini skirt. Very hip during those days.

Okay, enough of those old days. Let me tell you about my singing. All the K-places you have suggested, I will go and try it out one day. But don't know got songs for me to sing or not.

You ask me to sing Jay Chow? Aiyo, I think you want to kill me.

Anyway, I have no time to go practice. I've been called up during the weekend to do the rap demo. I've spent hours in the recording studio. It was so difficult to rap... don't know who came up with this idea.

The golden hair man is the Music Director. He warn me not to take pictures in his studio. But I don't care lah, I secretly snap some without his knowledge.

This the lyrics, I see until I fainted.

This is me singing in the studio. Aiyo, the room damn crampy. But the Music Director was kind enough to let me sit on the chair because he knew I've hurt my kneel. How sweet!

Self-shot. Memoir of an old hag in a studio.

I'll see if I can get a copy of the demo. I will post it up as soon as I have it and do give me your feedback!