Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A gift from a Jewellery Shop

I'm so happy!

I got to choose a nice accessory from a Jewellery Shop.

It's a gift! It's a gift!


Ha ha, this is private. All I can say it's a gift from the owner. The owner is a lady, a very capable nice young lady. Can you guess where is that shop from the pictures?

This is a gold chain with an orchid pendant. I'm also wearing a pearl bracelet.

A pure gold choker, quite heavy de...

Pearl Necklace, I like this very much! I'm a pearl lover!

This is another diamond choker, I don't really like diamond....not suitable for me....

How about this jade bracelet? Is it nice?

Another diamond pendant.....nice right? I prefer short chain...

Wah! So many varieties! Really don't know what to choose...

Can you choose for me?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Laozhabor's Condomania

This is my 2nd Video Clips you've long waiting for!

"How to use condoms?"

Ha hA HA.... do you like it?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ocean Butterflies & J Team are looking for new STARS!

J Team and Ocean Butterflies are collaborating to conduct training for Singing, Acting, Dancing and Hosting courses. If the students are good, they will be considered a contract for singing and acting! Isn't it amazing?

Although I'm an experience actress, but I've got no singing contract yet. If I sign up for the course and get selected! I will then have a recording label for my rap songs! Oh my god, I'm so excited.

Therefore, I made a trip down to Ocean Butterflies' head office at Maxwell Road to enquire about the course.

That's their office at red dot building. Red building, quite cool izenit?

I saw the signboard in the building.

It says: Are you our next Superstar?

I walked into their office. Aiyo, their office very big....I had a hard time looking for the reception.

Finally! I saw two receptionist at the counter.

"Hello, can I sign up for the training course?"

"Sure....but, may I know how old are you?... "

"My name is Lao Zha Bor, I'm 68... "

"I'm sorry auntie, this course is only for applicants up to 32 years old, you are not qualified."

"What do you mean I'm not qualified? I want to take part, I don't care!"

"Auntie, this course is only for youngsters. If you are interested, I can put you in our senior citizen course in the future."

"I want to take part in this course! I don't care! Let me talk to your manager!"

"Auntie, don't get angry. We really can't take you, sorry...."

"Auntie, why not I bring you to our principal, Mr Billy. I see what he say okay?"

"Auntie, this way please...."

"Mr Billy, this auntie wants to take part in our training course...but...."

"...Mr Billy, your staff said I can't take part in your course! Why can't take me in? I'm interested and I'm also releasing a rap song soon! I just want to further train my singing and acting skills!"

"Erm...but this course was designed for youngsters, not suitable for you..."

"Please take me in Billy. I know I'm old, but I'm still interested in learning! I promise I will be a good student, please consider me!"

"Auntie, this course is not suitable for you. I don't want you to waste your time and money... Why not I take you in as my private student, let me give you a one-to-one training? Isn't it better that way?"

"Really? You are taking me as a private student? Thank you Mr Billy, you are very kind!"

"Don't mention, I've heard your rap before. I know you got potential."

"Now I'm officially a student of famous Billy! I am so lucky."

"Thank you Ocean Butterflies!"

Ha ha hA....don't you enjoy the screenshots? It's just a little promo for the course. But Mr Billy is really taking me as his student, this is not fake okay! Now, let me tell you more about this course.

Age requirement: 8 to 32 years old
Non-Singaporeans are welcome

Please download the form here and send to: Music Forest Pte Ltd
28 Maxwell Road #02-08 Red Dot Traffic Building Singapore 069120

All applicants will be scheduled for an audition. Applicants need to prepare a short performance, Acting (script to be provided by Music Forest), Singing, Hosting or Dancing.
Audition fee $20.00

Graduates will be considered a contract with Ocean Butterflies as a Singer or J Team as an Artiste.

What are you waiting for? Go click here and check it out!
For enquiries, please call 6223 1311

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Sentosa Trip

I'm sorry, this post came a bit late. I'm too busy with my work lately....don't even have time to play Mahjong.

Okay, let me show you some nice pics of my Sentosa Trip with Jingjing. We went there with my god son and his friend that day. My god son is my personal photographer. He was good! But sorry guys, they are not showing their faces here!

He actually wanted to treat us to a cable car trip, cos I've never been on a cable car in my whole life! But it was damn x! $15 per pax. Wah piang erh, $15 x 4 person = $60!!!! Haven't even step into Sentosa must spend $60 liao. So I suggested to go by tram instead. Anyway, the tram also quite new. I bet some of you haven't been on one yet!

We got our tickets to Sentosa!!!!!

We were so excited while waiting for the tram!

It's here! It's here! The Green Lady!

In the tram............

Finally! We arrived in Sentosa!!! Woo woo!

Don't you like this? This pic got feel rite?

We changed our outfit for the photo shooting. You guys always complain I wear the same top all the time, now I got new top... Ha ha!

I found some hunks playing cards at the beach. I cannot tahan lah, so I joined them for a game.

They simply love me, don't you think so? Hey young gals, don't get jealous yar!

We changed into our swimsuit for further photo shooting! Jingjing's swimsuit very sexy hor! Low cut leh!

Who say we aren't pretty? We are babes okay!

Can some organizers held a 'Madam Granny Singapore Universe'? Both of us sure qualified for the race!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Highway Pics


My god-daughter has done it again! She did a very nice slide show to showcase my pictures taken on the road. I love those pictures!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Comedy Nite Recording

Last week was a busy week for me! I don't even have time to blog!
Quite surprise to see so many comments on XX write-up. For those who think I 'used' her to boost my readership, I think you are wrong. If I really want to do that, I should have left her a comment in her blog! So her readers can link me from there! Instead, I'm bringing my readers to her blog cos a lot of my readers don't know who I'm talking about.

Okay, enough of her.... I got so many things to blog about MYSELF now!

I got myself a role in the new series of Comedy Nite (搞笑行动). I met a lot of my old friends during the shoot. I saw Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Marcus Chin, Muthu, Steven Woon and also newly joined Zheng Yingying.

We were doing script-reading in the resting room. Got lots of makan to munch on too...

Muthu also got himself a role in this series. I'm so happy to work with him again!

I'm so happy to be in the studio! Yo yo!

They required me to wear mini-skirt for my role. Wah piang, luckily I got no hairs on my legs.... Guess what is my role?

We have done the first episode. It was so much fun! The jokes in the skit can really make you fall from your chair. Must remember to catch it on Channel 8! It's scheduled to be telecast in July.

I will be going to KL to meet up with Director Jack Neo soon. Yes, I'm shooting the movie! This year is a very fruitful year for me! I got movies, variety shows, commerical and also a famous blog....what more can I ask for?