Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You want to know the truth?

I don’t speak or write good English.
I don’t even own a decent certificate.
I’m not highly educated.
That doesn’t mean I cannot own a blog of my own.

I know if I don’t upgrade myself, I will be eliminated by the society. And this is a hard core truth! That’s why I never give up learning and exploring new things. I use my own way to seek a path alongside with the modern youngsters. Why would you think my positive learning attitude will let you feel that I’m gaining sympathy?

Yes indeed, I seek someone’s help to edit and publish my blog. But I guaranteed all posts are genuinely from me and all the photos are real. I’ve mentioned this to all reporters who had interviewed me before. I never denied this.

Is there a law stating that I must be the one typing and uploading my blog?

Is there a law stating that I cannot seek help if I want to own a blog?

Am I wrong to do so?

If today your grandparents or parents want to start writing a blog and they need your help. Will you reject them or help them?

I requested the trailer of ‘World of Laughs’ from my company to upload it in my blog because I want to share with you my work. I am proud of the show I’m acting in and I want to post it in my blog.

Is that wrong?

Do you really think a senior citizen should just spend their remaining days doing nothing? I’m quite sad that the kids nowadays are so narrowed minded. Go and explore the wonderful things around you. There are much more modern and capable old folks out there that are better than me. I’m just lucky enough because I’m an actress and I have a certain amount of publicity.

I strongly believe that being old shouldn’t feel old. Learning is a life long process. Every decade is a different learning process for everyone. My family, friends and J Team are all very supportive for what I’m doing.

Seriously, I do not blame Xiaxue. My grand-daughter is almost her age, I don’t see the need to haggle with her. The earth exists because of love and harmony. We should learn to smile more and respect people. Hurling all kinds of calumnies against others is certainly not a healthy way to spend your days. If I really want to take it into account, do you think I will lose? I’ve been through all this and I’ve learned my mistake. Evil can never prevail over good. It’s time for you to come realize the truth.

I am contented if I have just 3 readers reading my blog today. I write because I found a new hobby, not because of popularity.

I’m already 69years old, what more can I ask for?

Friday, July 27, 2007

The photos are ready!

Hello boys & girls, don't argue anymore...
Let's put this matter to a rest, okay?

I know lots of you are still wondering if I'm the real blogger.
What can I say?
If I say YES, you wouldn't believe it anyway.
If I say NO, there will be endless arguments and start dragging in innocent parties.

I just want to say...
If you like what you're reading, please come back for more.
If you hate it, thank you for dropping by this time and hope you can find better stuff to read elsewhere...but don't forget to recommend me the good sites!

When you watch a movie, you wouldn't be bother to see who wrote the script. Do you choose the script-writer to watch movie? I doubt so.

That's all I have to say regarding this.

Presenting...Our Studio Pixs!

My god-daughter did this design. It's very simple lah, but I like it very much...

Jingjing is very beautiful hor? I must get her teenage photos to show you, sure wee wee one...

Jingjing and me. This photo is very nice... I wanna blow this up to put it in my room.

Muthu is very cute. Making faces while photo taking. With him around, there's always laughter.

Natalli & Cheryl. They are beautiful gals! Being young is great!

This photo also nice.... the photographer and the makeup artist are good.

Do you like our photos?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Love me or Hate me, I'm still shooting my MTV

Yes I heard it again, but this time I have no time to bother...

I'm in the midst of preparing for the shoot. Cannot play mahjong these few days liao, cos need to catch some rest. I really hope the shoot will turn out well.

The MTV will not be shown on TV. It's a no profit production.
*It's a gift from my management company to support my blog.
**It's a gift for my readers who support my blog.

What can I ask for... ...?

Please check out the trailer for coming episode of "World of Laughs"!

Product of J Team Productions Pte Ltd
Showing on Channel 8, 8pm on 30 July 2007

Every epi I also got new surprises!
Please don't complain the show is silly, it's suppose to be that way...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Looking forward to my MV shoot!

For those who have supported me, I want to say a big thank you to you. I just want to concentrate on my filming of MV now.

I had a meeting last Monday together with my MV Director. He suggested to have a group of hip hop boys dancing together with me. The hip hop teacher will also teach me some steps of the dance. Wah piang, I don't know if I can do it or not. The Director will have a hard time shooting me dancing.

Okay. Regarding the ring tone, I've suggested to my office. They are working on it. I hope I can have my own unique ring tone soon.

**so excited**

Now, I just want to speak up a little bit for myself.

"Who say old folks cannot wear swimsuit? "

They are happy wearing it...

She is happy wearing it...

They look gorgeous with it!

Even they are daring to try it...

So? Why can't I wear it?

Oh...I love my flabby arms!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thank you...

Please pardon me for the video clip and pictures of 'Condomania'. Initially, this is just one of the suggestions from an anonymous reader. He/She send this idea to J Team. I thought this clip is quite funny and since it's just for laughs, what the heck? I didn't know it causes so much disturbance to you. I will do my selection more carefully in the future.

I'm an actress, I will try whatever roles that's given to me. Even the recent role in 'World of Laughs', I have to act crazy over my younger boss. To me, for comedy, it's perfectly fine for me to do it. I do not select my role. I trust my team will do the job for me, they are the professionals! As long as you laugh while watching my show, I've already accomplished my task.

I'm here just to make you laugh. Yes you're right, I shouldn't refer my readers as fans. You are not my fan, I would like to call you my friend... I believe I will still have a big group of my little friends who really respect my age. Without them, life is meaningless. There is no ending in learning, life is short - don't waste it!

I will shoot my MTV next week. I have a meeting with Director on Monday. Maybe now you can suggest what you want to see in the MTV? For those who wants to hear it one more time, here it goes...

I wanted to set this song as my phone ring tone, do you think it's a good idea? Do you want it? I will discuss with office regarding this... see if I can send to you.

Below is the trailer for coming episode of 'World of Laughs'. I did silly things again, some of you may find it gross but it's just my role.

Product of J Team Productions Pte Ltd
Showing on Channel 8, 8pm on 23 July (Monday)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Saddest day of my life

My phone was flooded with smses while I'm having a recording in MediaCrop yesterday. My friends urge me to read Xiaxue's blog because she wrote something about me. Xiaxue classified me as the "Top Seven Most Disgusting Bloggers (In the Singapore blogosphere)".

Sigh... ... ... ...

I am just an old lady... ... why must she do that?

Before I learn how to blog, I live my life day by day...dragging my feet nearer and nearer to the coffin. Some of those who grew up with me, some of my good friends or buddies, were already laying peacefully at cemetery. Some of those who can still survive, were either bed-ridden or suffered from old age illnesses. We are just a bunch of old folks waiting to knock on heavens' door. Can you ever imagine this kind of feelings?

Life is meaningless if I haven't start acting. Thanks to "Just Follow Law", I met a group of kind young souls who taught me how to blog. I finally found something I wanted to do besides acting! I am lucky enough to have a high viewership of my blog and that gives me the strength to continue doing it! I just want to spend my remaining days in a different way. I don't want to sit at home and wait to die. Is it wrong to do so? Am I not suppose to learn new things and live a younger way?

I wonder how her mum feels about her daughter abusing a senior citizen (and a lot of other people). I'm sad because she is not being taught well. It must be her growing up environment. She may have been abused by someone at young age or she is psychologically sick. She loves using words to abuse people to get thrilled. It's just like the serial killers. They kill and enjoy seeing their victims in pain.

I really pity her because it's not her fault. There must be something wrong with our Singapore educational systems. Are we giving our young generation that is too much for them to bare? Do we still teach morality at school?

This is so sad... ... ...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Boring liao huh?

Is my blog getting boring?

Some requested me to write dumb stuff again. But some commented that they felt disgusted and ask me to live back my 'old' life. So, what am I suppose to do? I'm trying to learn and be youthful. The funny stuff and videos are for comedy sake but some just can't accept it. I really do love to entertain my readers though.


Anyway, I have a good news to share. Director Neo has no time to spare to shoot my MTV, so he engaged another Director to shoot for me. They are preparing now and will inform me about the shooting soon. After so long.....Finally!

I've been really busy recently and I'm super happy. For those who watched 'World of Laughs', the one acting as my boss is the same guy with me acting as my boyfriend in 'Condomania'. His name is Jason. He is a very nice boy but it's unfortunate for him to act as my boyfriend (Ha ha Ha!). For those who think it's disgusting, it's really just for comedy sake. Just watch and laugh over it to de-stress, don't take it too seriously. It's just a show.

I went for another round of studio photo shoot yesterday. I love the make up artist, she did a great job! The photos are not ready yet, but I took a few of my own with my slow moving digital cam.

The background is black, don't know how the pixs will look like.

I like this one the most! Very artistic hor!

This is my photographer! He is good and pro. Look at his pose...

Jingjing was there too! We also took some pictures together.... she was very pretty and pro at pose! I'm consider stiff for that...

She is Cheryl, another artiste from J Team. Remember her from "I Not Stupid" Part One?

From left: Natalli, me, my manager, makeup artist, Jingjing, Cheryl and Muthu!

I wonder how's the final products?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Preview for "World of Laughs" showing at Channel 8, 8pm, 16 July

Must watch huh!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

You've got a Message!

Hey! Muthu got something to say to you!

Ops.....becareful of your TV Screen!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I used to have a flash for my title block but now have changed to still image.


Becos my sponsor's website crashed due to high viewership of my blog. I don't know how to explain this, my manager said my flash was hosted on their website...blah blah blah...

So now, my kissing hearts are not flying..... (cry....!)

Anyway, they did a great job for my site.

Remember these two pictures? Bondevia did it for me. So cute right? Who you wanna see me as? Tell them!

Go ahead to jam their website Click Here

To appreciate their hard work, I wrote a message to them.
And they posted it on their website!!!

I got their reply this morning:

Hello Lao Zha Bor!

On behalf of the Bondevia Crew we would like to say that we all love you!
And we always look forward to new updates from you!
It has been a pleasure designing stills for you, and we look forward to future projects.

Thank you for the email!

Jonathan Lai
Chief Editor

Aren't they sweet?

Hey guys, do support them and visit their site. I think they did a great job!

A little bit more about Bondevia...

Bondevia was founded on the 3rd of January 2006 as an entertainment blog that integrates media from all over the net into 1 convenient website.

The term 'Bondevia' is actually derived from the mispronunciation of the word "Whatever" and it basically carries the same meaning.

Bondevia has since started producing videos on their own about they frequent wacky antics and travel diaries.

There's a soft and sensitive side to the group too, the Bondevia Crew has a firm stand against any form of Animal Abuse.

Yes! Laozhabor against Animal Abuse too!

Monday, July 09, 2007

World of Laughs 搞笑至尊

For those who wants to have a glimpses of the show...

Product of J Team Productions Pte Ltd

Product of J Team Productions Pte Ltd

Product of J Team Productions Pte Ltd

Please catch it tonight at Channel 8, 8pm sharp!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thailand Holiday

I took a while to arrange my holiday photos! Was so busy with "The World of Laughs" recordings recently. I'm glad you like the show by the way. Whether you call it lame or what, it's suppose to be a comedy.

Regarding your suggestions, you can just post directly at Director Neo's blog
(see sidebar for link).... let him know your opinion! He would love to hear it!

So, let me start on my Thailand Trip. It's a holiday with my family members, I am so happy! I started taking photos when I reached the airport! I even play with the 'airport transfer'....luckily never kana stopped by the officer..... ha ha!

I took some light snacks while waiting for my flight. Kopi + Half Boiled egg + Toast = my Fav (Ha ha!)

After about 4hrs flight, I reached Thai Airport.......waited quite long for my baggage to load......

Thailand! Here I come!

My first stop was some animal shows. First I saw snakes.... I can see their teeth.... so scary...not gonna imagine if anyone got bitten by it. The Thais do eat those creatures, can you believe it? I don't dare to try it anyway.

I ate bird nest every nite, because the stall is just right besides my hotel. So yummy! I don't think this tonic can do much for my old skin (too late!). I just eat it as a dessert. Trust me, it's damn cheap and yummy!

Dream World

I visited 'Dream World', it was so much fun! Just like Disneyland.... I took a lot a lot a lot of photos over there! See Slide below...

Snow Town

It was -2.5dc in Snow Town. I rented a winter coat at entrance. Very nice temperature for a hot weather. But I can't stay there for long.....it's too cold. I just took some photos and leave.

Actually they have games and ice-skating, but not my cup of tea lah! I just take photos! So, what do you think? how do I look?

Animal Farm with Theme

I entered an animal farm, they have different Theme for each farm. Very unique and beautiful. Something like the Elephant Museum or Tiger Zoo. I saw lots of animals there! But frankly speaking, Singapore Zoological is still the best in the world!

They have pigs race. They made the pigs running after the kids, very funny to watch them chasing each other. The pigs do ran very fast though but they smells (Hee!).

I saw scorpions. Actually I can put one on my hand and feel them but I'm scared. There were camels too, very smelly camels (Yucks!). I don't know why their poo smells so bad even if they eat only grass (wondering...).

The Beach

Yes, I went to the beach. I didn't brought my swim suit along so I didn't swim. When I reached there, it's about to rain (Ti O O).

They let people try out the parachute tied to a speed boat (I don't know how to name it). I tried and it was fun (You must do it!). You will feel scare when you first 'float' up, but eventually you feel great....just like flying.

That's my great holiday.

Have you even been to where I went? Please share with me!