Friday, August 31, 2007

I went Karaoke

Remember some time ago when I ask you to suggest where should I go for a Karaoke session? Your suggestions are great but I think it's a bit too expensive for me.

Jingjing brought me to a CC near her house. We had a great time singing over there! I don't know how to sing new and hip songs....I only know oldies. The place is actually cater for old folks like us. We even changed discs ourselves! Ha ha! But it's fun....

Here's a picture we took with the folks over there...

In my next (or rather next next or next) post... I'm gonna intro to you some of my new friends.....


Jingjing's Commercial

I found Jingjing's Commercial in a piece of old newspaper. She did that for an insurance company. She looks pretty in that picture! I think I ever saw a SBS bus painted with this picture. Her face covers almost 1/2 of the bus!

So envy her...
Don't know when will I appear in a commercial...

Hey, anyone out there wanna hire me to be your ambassador? (Ha Ha!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"World of Laughs" Episode One


You will be watching Episode 1 online in my blog!
This is only the segment under the Coffee shop.
Do sit back and enjoy!

All clips supplied by J Team Productions Pte Ltd.

Ep1 (Part 1/3)

Ep1 (Part 2/3)

Ep1 (Part 3/3)

Okay, now you've watched it...
Please give me your feedback.
How do you find this show?

Monday, August 27, 2007

No time to blog...

I'm sorry guys!

Recently I'm too busy with work and I couldn't find time to blog. I also have some family matters to settle these few days.

Sigh... I just wish that I've got more time to breathe...

For those who read Zaobao on Wednesday (22 Aug), you are able to find me on one of the pages! It's a special interview regarding blogging. One of my exclusive picture was published on it!
*happy*(hey, I didn't even get a copy of that!)

I really hope you are able to read this article.

By the way, I heard some are complaining about "World of Laughs". Heard it was being labeled as 'lame jokes, old fashioned and no topic'. Is it really that bad? I find it was greatly produced. It was so many people's effort!

Tell me about it! How do you find "World of Laughs"?

P/S: For those who wanted to send me pictures or email, you can just direct your email to

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Creative!

Coco send me 3 more pictures! She is so creative!

Below is from nicolesze, got glitters! So nice!

Yes, yes... you may feel bored looking at my pictures. But I just want to share with you what my readers send me. I just want to let them know I appreciate them very much!

See? They are so creative! They are our future designers!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Contest from Bondevia

You remember Bondevia?

They are the one who did my title block. They are having a contest now and you stand a chance to win 2 GV Gold Class Vouchers!

Oh my, am I invited? I've never been to a Gold Class Lounge!

Thanks Young Girl and Coco!

I've received two more pictures from my readers! They are great designers!

From: Young Girl

From: Coco

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some nice pictures taken from the set...

This picture was taken by one of our J Team students. It's quite arty hor?

He is Ah Hock, a J Team student. He is very tall!

This is Yinyin, she is very funny! I like to act with'll never get bored!

Michelle and me! We are having fun but kana scolded by Director! Ha ha, cos we took too many photos!

Some other J Team student actors!

Michelle, Jason, Me & Yinyin on the set...

We celebrated Director's birthday after our recording. He took pictures with all the young girls, see how happy is he?

Watch it online!

Good News for those overseas fans of J Team!

World of Laughs will go 'online'! I may be able to get some of the clips and upload it in my blog.... just be patience okay?

Here is the trailer for coming episode on Monday:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I just got a call from my manager.
J Team is looking for new staff!

I am helping to put up a Recruitment Post here.
If you are keen, do write in to apply for the position!

Multimedia Graphic Designer/Animator
Job Description & Duties: The Multimedia Graphic Designer will be in-charged with creation of technical illustration (adobe Photoshop and Illustrator), mediatization of course ware’s and Technical Publication development. Able to handle film animation, preferred with some animation experience in related field.

Job Requirements:
- Editorial quality
- Team spirit
- Creativity and initiative spirit
- Good communication skills
- Good Artistic skill and productivity

Casting & Training Executive
Job Description & Duties: The duties of Casting & Training Executive mainly to help the Casting Director to draw up lists of possible actors for a filming project. The candidate must graduates with an interest in acting and casting, who have managed to enter the film industry at junior levels as assistants in Talent Agencies, thereby gaining experience of selecting and working with actors, or as runners for production companies and/or on feature films. The candidate will also assist in arranging training for new actors.

Job Requirements:
- Creative and think out of the box
- Ability to work as a team is important
- Good creative writing skills
- Bilingual
- Basic understanding of how to operate a video camera & digital camera is an advantage
- Computer Literate
- Excellent organisational skills
- Ability to take direction

Film Editor
Job Description & Duties: The Film Editor should have a passion for creative work with strong scripting, filming and editing skills. The candidate must be energetic and creative and a good grasp of digital animation and visual effects would be an added advantage.

Job Requirements:
- Editorial quality
- Team spirit
- Creativity and initiative spirit
- Good communication skills
- Able to work independently as well as in a team

Interested applicants, please email your application & resume to:

That's all for the 'Recruitment' announcement!

(Hey, manager.... will I get a commission?...)

Thank you, I like it!

One of my readers did this for me to cheer me up!

Hey, it's very nice and I appreciate it! Maybe you can help me to do some touch up for my other pictures? My god-daughter sometime got no time to do for me... (Erm, am I asking for too much? ha ha ha!)

Anyway, thank you very much!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


You know what?

My MV is suppose to be on aired last nite in "World of Laughs". But it was taken out at last min because the Director thinks that it's not really well taken and he requires a re-shoot.

Oh my...
I thought it was over. You mean I got to re-do everything again?

Director...don't like dat leh. Very tiring leh.....I don't know how to dance mah.

Bo bian lah, have to re-shoot. Have to do a good one for my readers. If Director don't like what he sees, my readers won't like it too!

But at least I get one thing done. I have requested a version of my rap's ring tone. And I can send it to you for FREE! All you have to do is to send an email to J Team and they will send you my ring tone. You must use it okay? I will also download it to my phone.

You can send your request to :
Type in subject: LZB Ringtone

It's that easy! Send now!