Thursday, January 03, 2008


Yeah! It’s the NEW YEAR!
I wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This New Year eve, I spent the night at home having Steamboat. It is so delicious. A pity I forgot to take pictures of them.

My New Year Wish for this year 2008.
1. There’s more Movies/Dramas of me inside (Hahahha)
2. Can go to Taiwan & say Hello to my Taiwan Fans.
3. All the best to Director Jack Neo! Shoot more movies…


rambochai said...

happy new year... new year new future...;.

Anonymous said...

happy new year ^^

veron said...

hello. is this really you ? hahah. omg. i think u are so cute ! haha. as in im not infatuated with you but i find it really cool that u have the courage to like use a blog, share ur thoughts and stuff and even camwhore whereas other old aunties just spend their day sulking at home. i think it's really remarkable and it takes a lot of confidence. hahah. ignore those who criticize you, as in, you have the freedom to do whatever u wna do. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! :DD

Apple said...

Happy 2008
May all your wishes come true ^^

mao mao mabel said...

happy new year to you!! laozharbor!!haha anyway your blog is very nice i like it a lot wish all your wishes come true laozharbor!!!!!!!!!!!!