Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nothin' new

Recently I've really got nothing to blog about.

I'm not filming and I've got no shows. I everyday also play mahjong, mahjong and mahjong... I think I should start learning to play billiards again! I may have forgotten how to do it after so long. Do you wanna teach me?

Director Neo told me to blog everyday since my blog viewership is high, but I just can't simply blog without a topic rite? ... Stressed.

I heard from my manager that she sent my music video to participate in some overseas Video or MV Festivals. Oh my god..... I can't imagine if my mv is selected, will they require me to perform on stage? I will get freaked out... I can't do that.... I'll faint.

I'm surfing the net to see if there are any interesting topics to share. I will post it in my blog if I find some. Don't forget to share with me if you do have interesting stuff!


rambochai said...

how about blog your old time romance :P maybe the reader is more interest ... hehhehehehee :)

coolingstar9 said...

Lao zha bor,
I am coolingstar9, today is my first time come to you blog site, i am really happy. I see you are nice lady.
Do you know why i come to your blog? because few days ago , i wanted to know mc king, then i surf the net and then went to Director Jack neo's blog site, ha ha and now come to your site.
I will visit your blogs often because you are friendly person. Hope you welcome me.
So far my blog only foreigher bloggers gave comments there, i hope you can become the first Singapore blogger come to my blog to write a comment, i am new singapore blogger.
Can my dream come true?
Happy new year2008 to you.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hi Aunty Ya Min

your blog is quite interesting, do blog often ya...

ah rey said...

hi there auntie ya min, just to say hello and good health to you...saw your mtv haha pretty cool...must say la afterall i help a bit what.. regards..rey