Friday, February 15, 2008

Classified Ads

Part-timers Needed Urgently




Part-timers for Waitress/Waiter/Kitchen Helper
Hourly rate $5.50 (with CPF)
Students are welcome

Please contact Tim at 6344 4404 for more details & fix appointment for interview.


Anonymous said...

Is that Mark Lee's coffee shop?

Anonymous said...

zzz ur blog is really getting boring.

Anonymous said...

Yah!! I think it's becoming a bit too comercialized. It looks like a promotional website for Jack Neo's company more than anything.

Anonymous said...

thats her prerogative right? i think she forgot to do something. thats is to write: ''readers who aint enjoying in her blog, can jolly well fuck off'' in the disclaimer part. why do u people wanna care so much since its her blog. is not as if a skin off ur nose or whatever shit. just read and if u're not happy, just fuck off la. no one is forcing u to stay right? get a life la. only know how to criticize people. i dare u to write in some famous celebrities' blog that they sucks. see what happens? you shall face the consequences of ur naivness. get sued! bitch!

Anonymous said...

is there any other way we can contact?? by email??