Thursday, February 14, 2008

Forecast for Dragon

I post Dragon first, by popular demand!

The Dragon in 2008
Overall Forecast For The Year

In 2008, Dragons have two auspicious stars pitted against five negative stars. This will result in an average year overall. However, it is not all lukewarm news for you. If you are involved in the creative line, the Heavenly Nobleman Star (貴人) will support you, providing help from Noble People – all obstacles will be easily overcome this way.

Keep in mind that the five negative stars in your Life Palace (命宮) may affect you or your family’s health, so pay more attention to elderly family members this year.

The first auspicious star is the Elegant Seal (華蓋). The Elegant Seal Star helps you forward your career, and is especially beneficial to those working in creative industries such as advertising,writing and screenwriting. This Star brings creative and successful ideas, which will helpyou grow your career. There is a flip side to Elegant Seal Star, in that it may have negative influences on your relationiship – you may feel lonely and neglected by your partner.

The second auspicious star in the Dragon Life Palace is the Three Combination Star (三合). The Three Combination Star is a Heavenly Nobleman Star, which helps you in your direct interactions with your customers or clients. This makes it a good year for networking and expanding your customer base. This star also favours romantic relationships – you will meet someone special, but this will need time to develop into something more.

Dragons, you have to watch out for the influence of five powerful inauspicious stars this year. The Flying Chaste (飛廉), Pealing Head (披頭) and Huang Fan (黃幡) stars symbolise bad family luck. You or the elderly in your family may encounter health problems or injury. Do take every precaution possible with the safety at home. You may consider renovating or making some interior decoration changes in the house, which mayhelp improve Family Luck.

The fourth negative star in your celestial path this year is the Litigation Star (官符). This star symbolises injury, possibly through lawsuits. These lawsuits may result from arguments or business disputes – if you are dealing with any legalese this year, take extra caution.

The last negative star in the Dragon Life Palace is the Five Ghosts (五鬼). This means you will be emotional and not as capable of logical thinking as usual. This may make you suspicious of others, but some of these fears may prove correct, because you may be backstabbed by petty people. These worries may cause you to lose sleep, which will further affect your efficiency at work.


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