Tuesday, March 18, 2008

突发奇想 - 萬能分解器

This clip was recorded thru TV.

I did this short clip for "Creatively Mine 2". It's about an invention of a machine which can 'decode' and 'encode' an item to another place.

Just for entertainment purposes. But if this is a real machine, I can go any country without buying air-tickets! How wonderful!


Public Educator said...

Lao Zha Bor rox!

Julian Teo said...

wantin to ask abt ur previous post thing. how to join? but i dunno whether Mr Jack Neo wans mi a not. coz i'm only 21 this yr.

Anonymous said...

I tried to vote for your blog. But after clicking on the banner, it says " Forbidden". ???????

老查某 said...

Hi Julian, they need all kinds of people. Just send in your application and try your luck!