Monday, March 03, 2008

The Goat in 2008

Overall Forecast For The Year

The Rat Year presents minor challenges for Goats stemming from a clash with the Grand Duke (太歲). This clash will particularly affect relationships, so be ready to go through some rough patches. Not to worry, however, because there are positive developments in store because you have good stars in the form of the Dragon Virtue Star (龍德) and Emperor Star (紫微),both powerful Nobleman stars (貴人), protecting your career and wealth aspects. With these stars, you have the golden touch with career and wealth. You do not have to worry about your mistakes, because they will be insignificant, and it will all turn to gold eventually!

Another auspicious star for Goats this year is the Jade Hall Star (玉堂). This star is important for Goats because it is a star of recognition. Your talents will be recognised by your seniors,a mentor or a person of higher authority, and if you make use of this star and continue to perform, you will be put in a position of increased responsibility and influence. There is a strong possibility of wealth generation through the Jade Hall Star too. Goats are also lucky to have the Earth Relief Star (地解) in the chart this year. This star relieves pain and suffering, so if you have been tormented by the ghost of past issues and problems, you can look forward to these coming to a resolute end. If you suffer from an old illness, this is a good year to try and resolve your health.

One inauspicious star in the Goat’s celestial path this year is the Bao Bai Star (暴敗). Bao Bai indicates fluctuations in your career and savings. It changes the way you handle situations, particularly relationship matters. With these ups and downs, your path may appear dangerous and obstacle-ridden. Be tenacious and stick it out, though, because once you overcome these obstacles, great rewards are in store for you. Elderly Goats may have to deal with bothersome health issues.

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