Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Money No Enough 2


I'm in Jack Neo's latest movie again! Good luck me... I shouldn't be complaining. Director Jack Neo always has me in his mind. For an old hag like me, I think I really must feel contented.

I have a lot of people asking me questions like:

How to join J Team?
How can I be an actress like you?

The answer is simple...
  1. Do not choose your role
  2. Never mind how much you'll be paid
  3. Seize every acting opportunity
Do you know how much I was being paid when I first started out? I'm only getting $20 per day for a whole day job. I do not choose roles. I will act even if they just need me to walk pass the screen, or just sitting around acting like a customer.

I've encounter some talents choosing their roles and even ask for more fees. If you are some big star, you can do that definitely. But if you are a nobody, you are just burying yourself into the mud.

I do not choose my roles and ask how much I will be paid, because I am no big star.

For those who are really interested to start acting as a career/hobby, mark my words.
You will go far...good luck!


Anonymous said...

i like singapore movie aft i watch tis movie but i hope tis 2nd movie hv the same actor especially ah nan... ;)

btw i wana ask u that u can smell blogger kar coz i saw u looking at me about few weeks ago at M Square early morning when i passby to the toilet? ;)

david said...

i went for the audition but didn't get through )):

rambochai said...

hahahaha... i also hope to be acting in movie... hehehe.... and ever try to do "own direct" , but really hard to be like director like "liangziqian"... if i had the chance. maybe i also want to involve in any single movie clip ... -.- hope fully one day lo ./.

belLOVEmarc said...

any auditions coming on?

Celestial said...

haa...i wanna be an actor too..
but no chance ar...haiz...


HELLO! i saw you that day..at Parkway heath! i was there filming that day too... haha..you look young in person!! good good! ^^

never took any pics with you... T.T

curious said...

er....ur blog entries ish really u write one har?ur ang moh wei so power? still got "mark my words"
waliew really de mah?i jus cannot believe untill so deep eh,sry,no offence.

Ling said...

I went for the audition and manage to gte a small small role. It doesn't matter to me cos a chance is a best thing that can happen to me! Yeahh.... Thanks for sharing e opportunity :)

Anonymous said...

omg could you guys share how did you guys manage to get the audition call please?

Anonymous said...

hi, can i know the theme song for money no enough 2