Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Monkey in 2008

Overall Forecast For The Year

Monkeys, this promises to be a smooth year ahead because your Life Palace combines with the Grand Duke (太歲) in 2008! Additionally, you will receive help in your endeavours because Noble People (貴人) will turn up when you need them the most. Altogether, this will to push your career up to the next level, and if you run your own business, you will find that new horizons open up. There will be several good opportunities to start a new project too. In 2008, the Intelligence Star (文昌) enters the Monkey Life Palace. This makes it a good year to take up new studies or new subjects.

Monkeys who are involved in creative or artistic endeavours will find success within reach. Think of expanding if your business is related tothe creative sector. As for health, you have to take extra care this year. The White Tiger Star (白虎) traditionally denotes bleeding, so you should watch out for sports injuries. There is also a possibility of minor surgery, and even being attacked, possibly in a robbery. Do not get involved indangerous sports or hazardous work, and stay away from ferocious animals. This star also represents petty people who may try to create trouble and hassles. This environment of backstabbing and rumours will cause you some worry, but it should not affect your career.Stay focused, and your wealth will grow.

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~ Thai Boxing Girl ~ said...

LZB, you know im inspired by you to seek for breakthroughs in my life. therefore, i also wanna position myself as the new age silai from malaysia.

recently i submitted my form for an audition in a local production, i hope i can get the chance!! come read my blog and see what i did to get myself possibly shortlisted, and give me your advice if possible.