Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Ox in 2008

Here comes the Ox....

Overall Forecast For The Year

In 2008, Ox people are in an interesting situation - Liu Nian 流年 combines with your year of birth, resulting in the Rat Ox Combination (子丑相合). This signifies great support from Noble People (貴人) and a generally positive and stable climate. However, any experienced astrologist will tell you that not all Ox people will gain from this combination – about 70% will benefit from this Grand Duke Combination (合歲) while the remaining 30% will have similar luck to those who clash with the Grand Duke (太歲). Therefore, we need to take acloser look at the positive and negative stars in this year.

The good news is that you are supported by numerous auspicious stars. These include the Grand Duke Formation Star, the Sun Star (太陽), the National Treasure Star (國印) and the Heavenly Noble Star (天乙). The first auspicious star, Grand Duke Formation, is a ‘Half Peach Blossom’ (半桃花) auspicious star, indicating strong support from Noble People towards your talents and ideas.

The Sun Star indicates that the most powerful Noble Peoplein your life will be male. It also brings opportunities to travel and make profits abroad.The National Treasure Star is the third auspicious star in your Life Palace (命宮), indicatinga growth of power and career advancement. The next positive star is the Heavenly Noble Star, which also indicates that male Noble People will prove to be most helpful this year.Emotionally, this may be a stressful and trying year because you are the subject of gossip. This situation is caused by the Bad Qi Star (晦氣), which denotes deteriorating people relations.

The Ox should keep a low profile to minimise the effects of this negative star. The second inauspicious star is the Pulling Saddle Star (扳鞍), which makes the Ox prone to changing jobs. Remember that this is a year with hidden risks, and so it would be a bad time to open yourself to unpredictable situations. Think carefully before making a move. In general, this is not a good year for people relations. You may find that people gossip about you and can make your surroundings hostile. Try to make plans for celebrations. These can include marriage, having a baby or buying property. If you are not making any plans to do so, you need to be watchful of your health and that of your family’s.


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