Friday, March 07, 2008

Please support Singapore!

Please support J Team Princess, Cheryl Chan!

Cheryl Chan will be representing Singapore to compete with over 100 contestants in China for the title of "Miss Tourism Queen International 2008".

Voting starts now. She needs your support!

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Please vote for Singapore:

Please support Cheryl, support Singapore!

Cheryl is now NUMBER 2 on the voting list!


Anonymous said...

老查某, 今天,我在dover mrt station看见了你!我就是那个穿粉红色衣服的女孩,我和我两个朋友在一起,呢为什么看起来那么伤心?=D

Ashley Michelle Ariel Rachel. H... said...

LAO ZHA BOR!!! today met u at mrt station. if u see 3 suspicious 13 year old girls at doverr...its us!!! haha...anyways dun tynk u will rememeber de lahh..(: u seem so sad...btw ur video sibei funny..GANBATEHH!!! lolxDD

Anonymous said...

Eeeee... She looks very ugly lehz.. Yucks!

Live-Laugh-Love-Princess said...

Hi lao zha bor... u r so CUTE!!! but seriously if she go tt thing larhs, she will win lor...

sgfriends said...

Vote For LaoZhaBor

Hi mdm Laozhabor if you like the voting code in text instead of the voting button. You can use the code above.Thanks you. Also you may delete this comment by all means. 10 months to go for the overall top blogger in 2008. =p
i can provide a custom voting button wiht your photo on it if you like. ciao and thanks