Monday, March 24, 2008

The Snake in 2008

Overall Forecast For The Year

Snakes went through a tough time in 2007 because of a clash with the Grand Duke (太歲). This year, the suffering dissipates, and you face a cheerier time with much more stable overallluck. You will be able take part in celebrations and joyful occasions with full-hearted zest,and maybe you will even plan a few celebrations yourself!

In 2008, you will be supported by Monthly Virtue Nobleman Luck (月德貴人). A close friend will become a reliable supporter of yours, and you can depend on this person to smoothen the way whenever you need additional help. The auspicious Lu Xun 祿勳 Star will further enhance your performance this year. This staralmost guarantees excellent Wealth Luck and Career Luck. It can also bring a pay raise and even a promotion, as others finally recognise your hard work and abilities. Thus, significant advancement in your career is in the books. You may have spent a lot of money in the previous year because of the Greater Delight Star (大耗).

This year, you come under the influence of the Lesser Delight Star (小耗),which, although not as negative as the Greater Delight Star, still encourages expenditure. So while you are able to generate more money because of good Wealth Luck, you still have some trouble saving it. The good news is that with prudent financial management, you can minimise your losses.

Besides the Lesser Delight Star, there are two other inauspicious stars in your celestial path.The Broken Star (破碎) symbolises public relations problems, but these are merely minortroubles which you need not worry about. The last negative star is the Death Charm Star (死符), which may bring illness to elderly family members. Overall, this is a much better year compared to 2007. Things are not as hectic, so you can finally breathe easy. Besides, your career is advancing smoothly and Wealth Luck improvesquite dramatically.


scotty sgf said...

hi mdm Laozhabor is there any update on Cheryl Chan?

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thanks, i was waiting for the snake forecast

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