Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everything Went Up!


Life is getting more and more harder. Now if I don't have minimum $5 in my purse, I can't eat out. A bowl of noodle or a plate of rice will cost around $3.50 - $4, a cup of coffee will cost around 90cts to $1.20.


Is there anyway to save money? Transport costs more, Food also costs more... Yesterday just heard that rice will raise price again.

Will we have no rice to eat in future or rice will be as valued as GOLD?

Share with everyone how you save money.

The best article will win a pair of Gala tickets to this great event:

GV & Neo Studios proudly presents a Re-Release of “Money No Enough” after a decade in celebrations of Jack Neo 10 Great Years in movie industry.

Venue: GV Vivocity
Date: 28 April 2008

*This event is solely for invited guests only.


Chong Peng said...

Of course MONEY is really not enough now of day... Everything raise in cost but only one thing not raised! Guess what? SALARY lo haha.... Thats why la.... Resources are getting low... Money harder to earn... What to do le? Drink water to make yourself full lo.... Hehe... =)

belLOVEmarc said...

how to let you noe our articles? email u?

老查某 said...

Please post your article in the comment.

adeline said...

you are right.... everything in singapore went up. especially the fuel prices!!! its getting really ridiculous!!! the governments please spare a thought for those who dont earn as much before coming to all these decisions!

joyce said...

no need worry one lahs
goverment got keep rice stored for us wat
so next time if no rice then we will still have rice

by the way,i'm 11+ years old=)
ur blog vry famous
i got here by my frens blog's links

tag my blog if you got the time=)

Stephanie said...

Just learn how to cook. It's way more healthier and it taste better. We don't need to feed ourselves with excessive satutrated oils if we dine at home.

I think if you have a medium to big sized family, it is economical to have a private transport. You can waste less time, and money. Furthermore, you buy convenience.

Meredith Goh said...

> Take bus instead of taxi coz taxi price also rise le...
> Look for the cheapest deal before you try to buy anything.
> try to bargain if can!
> don't use so much oil. it saves money and is also good for health.
> Try to save on electricity. it helps the environment too :)
> Don't use car if need go through ERP. save money on those no need spend one.
> plan before you buy anything. only buy the needs not the wants!

article by:
meredith goh

LIMKT said...

Dear POPO,

How to save money ah? haha...

I always tell my mum, saving cannot make you rich, If you wana be rich you must be pandai(clever) in earning money.

Ok, back to to save money. well first, we must manage our finance carefully, for those needed things, buy; for those half needed, choose which to buy; for those no needed, do not buy.

I am an undergraduate studying now, sometimes I feel that eating outside is very expensive and waste time, so I just buy some instant mee + tuna fish to eat, it can save money as well.

If have more money, do not just put into bank lo...go buy unit trusts, invest, etc. Because fixed deposit now very low only, 3.7%P.A in Malaysia, oso noy enough to fight with the inflation.

haigh, pandai pandai earn money only can be enjoying our life la...

From Lim

Ordinary Lady said...

OKay, here are my ridiculous-siao-siao methods of saving money.

-IF YOU HAVE A GOLDEN TOOTH, PAWN IT LAH! [Gold is so valuable nowadays! haha!]

-DAISO AND VALUE SHOP. [Aiyo, Singapore got many branches of these shops, MONEY SAVER!]

-FLEA MARKETS ON WEEKENDS. [Cheap bargains and negotiable price, which help your pockets a little, I suppose]

-INSTANT MEALS! [Nowadays many types of instant food (like instant noodles, porridge) are being sold. Cheap, but not very healthy though.

- WINDOW SHOPPING! [Hey, its FREE!] When going shopping, resist the urge not to splurge money on stuff you actually do not need.

-DRIP-BY-DRIP WATER! [This one can be learnt from dramas and shows seen on TV. Get a pail and place it under the tap when its closed and collect the dripping water! HAHA]

-SLEEP [Aiya, when you sleep YOU WON'T KNOW ANYTHING! Sleeping can even replenish your energy! HAHA]

Disclaimer: May be funny, but true. =p

Clarence said...

Money-Saving Tips

Lesser expenditure = More savings

Hence if you're paying for electricity bills, handphone, telephone bills, housing loan, car loan, internet bill, water bill, why not try to save abit.

Eg. Switch off unnecessary lights when not in use. (Can save our Earth by using less resources, meanwhile save electricity bills :D)

Handphone bills: For postpaid customers, if you think your usage is getting too high and always exceeding your plan, upgrade a better plan which you think fits you. Although you pay more, you might actually be saving cos it costs lesser than what you used to pay in your old plan.

For me, how I save money lah. As I'm still a student, this is how I save my pocket money.

Don't eat out after school, meaning no McDonalds (they recently inflate prices again), no sweets, snacks. Liddat can eat healthily good for health too :D

Every week if I got like $50 in big note lah, I won't want to spend get red colour $10, so I bank it into my bank account.

and OMGOMGOMG i wanna the tix lah please. ^^

Yuki said...

Last time one bowl of noodles 20cents, now one bowl of noodles $3. If the price increases and our pay increases, it'll be a fair increase. My dad use to deliver gas tanks for $80 a month 30 years ago but now, $80 a month is really little.

The way I save money is probably not new to everyone. I keep what I wanna save at home to prevent spending it. Since I usually don't like to borrow money, I will not buy unnecessary stuff. I will also put the money in a locked piggy bank so it will not be easily accessible.

Yanshan said...

I am 16 and I am still schooling,and can you believe? I don't spend a single cents on food during recess. All thanks to my friend who actually helped me and initiate to bring for me bread everyday, as his mother worked in bakery, and they can take some left overs.

This action looks and sounds kiasu, but if everybody want face, and don't dare to be kiasu, they will not be able to survive as the price of food keep increasing, but yet their working pay still remain the same.

If there's really any free things giving out, just take. No disadvantage but only advantages. No harm.

by doing the "kiasu" way, I am able to save part of my allowance, which is only $100 a month. ( part of the money used to by stationary and all )

Alright, even if without the help of my friend. I am sure I am able to survive with that amount of money -- Eat at home.Some people are always eating outside, that's why worry about the price increase. If keep eating at home, then you wil save more! even thought it's just a bowl of rice and some vegetables, as long as it's full, it's enough.

If you are outside and didn't hungry, get a little bread or even bring lunch box out from home. Doesn't it save your money more?

That's my way of saving money!

COLLIN said...

my logic of saving up more money is to either spend less or work hard so that you can earn more money after your promotion or something! ((:

Jocelyn =D said...

lol lame drink water to make u full -_-"

alson said...

Even though the preview is tomorrow and I know I'm wayyy too late to submit the article.

But still, I would like you to take a good and give some comments. :D

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老查某 said...


Three of you won a pair of tickets each. Please collect your tickets from the registration counter at 7pm on 28 April. Venue: GV @ Vivocity. Please show your ic for identification.

Clarence said...

sorry ah laozhabor. today suddenly got alot homework ): cannot go for the event...

scottyv sgf said...

quite alot of entries congratulation to 3 of you hehe.too bad i din submit =p

saddient said...

laozhabor mama~

this comment was the first time I drop ever at your blog... just a moment ago I've watched Ah Long then it reminds me of you hence I click for your blog... ^^

how to save money? try not to eat at outside always... home cooking better... its save much more and of cuz if you prepare yourself at home would me much expensive but if you prepare for up to 3 ppl in family would be much saver... just my 2 cents...

Angy said...

unfortunately the price hikes are not only in SG but all over the world. thanks to the development of technology many people forgot about agriculture. so there is less production. The international fuel prices now are almost double the price they were a couple of years ago. nothing else can be done unless some one comes up with a new way to increase productivity of crops and / or we find a alternative energy source for petroleum. price hikes are unavoidable in the current situation. even the rice graneries of the world like vietnam, egypt, india are suffering from rice price hikes. there is no need to mention about SG as you guys have to bear the rice cost and its transportation costs.

ChouHong aka Kira Yamato said...

hmm... save money ah... let see... for me, is rather hard to save bcos of a few reason

-NS [should save money right??? But wrong, the unit i am in doesn't have it's own cookhouse, so we always have to go canteen eat, my unit is in Selarang camp annway, and there is 2 canteen, one at 3SIR buliding and the oner is at 9DIV cookhouse... the one at 3SIR super ex... while the other one at 9DIV is at the average price]

-spend money on useless stuff liek arcade, soemtimes go movie when i know i got no money

-handphone bill [always blow]

-i am a spendthrift...

but now, i realise that i need to save money for my future as i still wanna continue study, and so, i come out with a checklist for my weekly allowance that is spend and how much i can save per week... it very ma fan, but it a good way to keep track, and i also did a checklist for my SMS, cos i got 1000 free sms and i can use over just bcos i send SHORT message, so, i did a checklist for that, once i hit 1000, i will stop smsing... lol..

anybody got a better way than this, can email me


Popo, u got way?? lol... share share..

with love,

gees said...

the price of everthing went i wish the amount of salary went up too...gees...=p