Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Old Town Official Opening

I was invited to attend Old Town Cafe Official Opening on 30 March.

This cafe was owned by a few bosses including Mark Lee and Jack Neo. They have invited the lion dance for good luck! A lot of famous people attended this event.

We have good food and nice drinks served, and of course they have very very nice coffee! I love drinking their milk coffee!

It's me, Lai Meng and Jingjing.

The bosses cutting the red ribbons.

The auspicious poems given by the lion dancing group.

Some of the famous faces seen in the event.

I will ask for more photos to show you. Stay tuned!


NeoNeo said...

Hello where is the cafe located ?

jAnIcE said...

hii. i also want to know where the cafe is located.

Anonymous said...

it's at east coast...

老查某 said...

The cafe is located at "The Playground @ Big Splash" along East Coast.

heartbreak said...

personally I felt the standard of the coffee served isnt as good as what I had in Malaysia.

I ordered "kopi-gao" but it tasted worst than those in Mac

Ying Ying said...

old town's food: ho jiak!! well, the white coffee, hazelnut coffee, chocolate coffee, bread, prawn mee, jawa mee, nasi lemak, etc. all of em: what a delicious!! ;p
i think ryte, old town is origin from malaysia ryte.. they juz "bought the name" of it gua.. same as "rotiboy"~
nvr try, nvr know~
u should hv a try.

Grim Reaper said...

eh...i think i saw this cafe in ah long pte ltd