Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Rooster in 2008

Overall Forecast For The Year

Roosters, this is your year to shine! A stellar line-up of auspicious stars in your Life Palace this year are set to work their magic on your life, so sit back and enjoy the ride in 2008. Among these stars is the powerful Heavenly Virtue Star (天德). With this star in your celestial path, situations that are stale or unhealthy somehow turn to good, and there is always a positive end to matters, no matter how dire the circumstance.

The second auspicious star for Roosters is the Sky Happiness Star (天喜). This star heralds happy events and celebrations. It will help foster good relationships at work, and this may lead to securing a new, better position or job. The Sky Happiness Star also presents Noble People who are ready to help and looking out for your interests. Relationships and marriages go smoothly, making this a generally happy year for you.

Yet another good star in your palace is the Prosperity Star (福星), which brings more income, maybe even a promotion, and, overall, a year which will abound with sweet memories for you.The Prosperity Star brings in more than just money – you will also earn gratitude from others,and generate lots of good will this year. The Eight Seats Star (八座), representing justice and integrity, is your fourth auspicious star. This star implicates that if you stick to your principles, you will ultimately prevail. You will see things for what they really are, and learn the truth about some important matters.

Besides this, the Eight Seats also denotes support from your family, leading to a smooth year on the whole. There are only two negative stars in the Rooster Palace this year, and these are the Curled Tongue Star (卷舌) and the Salty Pool Star (咸池). The Curled Tongue Star may bring on more gossip and slander than usual, which may disturb you. Remember that these are only minorinconveniences for you because your many auspicious stars will trump this little problem. The Salty Pool Star is a Peach Blossom Star (桃花) that represents scandals and romance related problems. As with the Curled Tongue Star, these will probably develop positively withthe presence of the Sky Happiness Star in your aspect.

This is a year to be enjoyed and fully experienced. Take advantage of the good things that come your way! Even the Peach Blossom issues of this year will be a blessing. If you have been thinking of getting married, this is an excellent year to tie the knot. Those who are married may get involved with a third party through the influence of the Salty Pool Star. Though this affair may be enjoy able this year, it will affect your marriage in the following year, so think thoroughly before you decide to get involved.

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