Monday, June 09, 2008

The Delta Force

Remember the last time I posted about a dance audition? The dancers have already been trained for about 3 days and now they are up on stage.

Yesterday they performed at Vivocity for 'Money No Enough 2' Promo. They are quite excited for the event. They have a name for their group, called 'The Delta Force'.

You can see the clip here

I can say that they have great attitude during training (my manager told me lah!).

Are you there for the event? I'm not there, cos I'm sick - for a few days leh. My manager send me the link and ask me to post this video up.

How? Any comments?


Lucas said...

hey... take care... get well soon. wish to be friend with ya :D

Anonymous said...

hey i feel that the dancers have great potential but i think they should try a dance of a much higher difficulty.(: I am not critizising but i am just sharing my view. Sorry if anyone is offended(:

Anonymous said...

they are good! i think that ' a nan ' sang wrongly is it ? its off beat, but the dancers still can dance with the music, GOOD!
hope that the dancers can dance for other show more often .

Bay said...

Well.. hi lzb.. hehe.. was reading thru your blog.. and i find it really interesting... rest well k? and btw... i guess... i will drive the doctor first... because... if he is really good... a sacrifice of a old folk for 2 or even more people's life.. i think it is quite worth it.. besides... a doctor is the only person that can actually heal the people that are in need.. and if the old folk is really in help.. the doctor will be able to heal her on the spot.. instead of needing me to fetch her to the hospital.. (sorry.. late answer on the post you wrote.. hehe... )

LeON亮 said...

Glad to be part of Delta Force ;)

Anonymous said...

sorry for the VERY LATE comments.
eh..seriously speaking, i don't think they danced speaking the truth offence please.perhaps due to the song played which hides their potentials?because based on the video, i couldn't really feel the dance they are protraying.

Anonymous said...

The guy in front is cute!! Its nice to see his performance, hope u will update their performance venue so that we can go and watch!!