Thursday, June 12, 2008

Try to see if you can answer these questions...

So how? Have you solved it?



Yuyingz said...

we did these questions..... during std 4..... n it's quite ez...

Joel said...

Haha , first comment. I'm so dumb-I can;t solve any of them! I guess I'll fail then.

FAN said...

I think this four questions, nobody will know how to do.This is a nonsensical problem,please do not put it up.Thank you

Anonymous said...

i hope i dont get bashed up here.

1: its the starting letter of the days in the week. MTWTFST

2: Add a stroke to the "+", makes it 545 + 5 = 550

3: write anything, therefore "anything" is the answer.

4: draw 3 more lines with the border as the base. you'll get a rectangle then.

flashmech said...


Actually to answer these questions is quite easy, I just dunno if my answers are correct. Here are my solutions.

1. M T W T W T M
It's a direct reverse to the starting pattern.

2. You add a slash stroke at the "=" sign, to make it into the "not equal" sign.

3. I think this is easiest. loL~ Just write "anything". :P

4. This is easy too. Borrowing the existing line from any side of the box, we just draw the next corresponding 3 lines to form our rectangle.

As I said, I don't know if I'm right, but that's just my 2 cents. :)

megacop said...


add a stroke at the = sign

under the blank, write anything

last question still thinkning

jason said...

last one was easy. jus use the line at the bottom. 2nd one im not sure.

Anonymous said...

Question 1:

M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
T = Thursday
F = Friday
S = Saturday
S = Sunday

The rest I dunno lerh..

PPCGIRL said...

where is the answer??

Anonymous said...

actually, if you think about it, questions 1-3 may seem nonsensical. but question 4 really can be done. if you know how.


.::GIRLGUIDES::. said...

lamme try...i dunno lahhs...jus wanna try...

1st qns: M T W
2nd qns: tt i dunno
3rd qns: anything
4th qns: draw d side n d top lines of d rec joined to d bottom of tt page...

tt's how i will do lahhs...budden i any how do de

Anonymous said...

The first one is just FSS. The second one is just a stroke down the equal sign, forming a not equal sign. The third one is just "anything". The fourth one is just drawing three lines in the form of left, right and top border with the bottom border as the line given in the paper.

Anonymous said...

i think the qns are quite okay, just that they are a little tricky. (:

liling said...

1) its starting letters of the days in the week . MTWTFSS

2) Add a stroke through the = sign . which explains 5 + 5 + 5 DOES NOT = to 550

3) write the word anything

4) use the line provided as the base & draw another three lines to form the rectangle .

skillless said...

first question:
(Names of the days of a week)

second question:
add a stroke across the topmost point and the left most point of the first "+" so that it becomes a 4, and the equation will thus become 545 + 5 = 550

third question:

forth question:
Read the question properly. It says draw a rectangle WITH 3 lines (meaning One rectangle AND Three lines). So simply draw one rectangle and 3 lines inside it. (The question never specifically says "draw a rectangle using 3 lines", right?)

Anonymous said...

The answers:
1) M T W T F S S

2) Add a diagonal stroke to the + sign such that the whole equation becomes 545 + 5 which gives you 550

3)just write the word "anything"

4)Use the border as the one length of the rectangle. Add three more lines. (one more length and two breadths)

:) did this quiz thing before. :)

Earnest said...

its so simple la . . lols. ..its actually quite straightforward. .just spend some solid time focusing on these questions and you will soon see the light in the questions LOL. . ^^

loop said...

wtm, duno,anything dunno

Anonymous said...

1st , M T W T F S S (Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday)

2nd , 545 + 5 = 550 ( Add one stroke to the + to get 4)

3rd , As what they told you , just write "anything" in the blank :D

4th , Use the base as the 4th line & draw the other three to form a rectangle :D

jason said...

ah! second one is draw a stroke down, so 5+5+5 is not equal to 500 lor.

jasmine(: said...

1. M, T, W, T, F, S, S.
2. add a line at the top of the "+" sign at 5+5 and you get 545 + 5 =550.
3. I'm not too sure.
4. Draw a rectangle and add 3 lines INSIDE the rectangle.

I'm only a sec one girl but if this was my exam paper, darn, I would love my school like crazy ! xP

Brianna said...

Im in the gifted programme & was tested on this when I was 12.
Q2. Rectangle with 3 lines??
Just draw a rectangle and draw 3 lines inside the rectangle. There you have.
(P.S. They didn't get u to draw a rectangle using 3 lines. Keyword is "WITH")

Joe said...

1st Qn : M T W T F S S

2nd Qn : 545 + 5 = 550

3rd Qn : write "anything"

4th Qn : draw 3 more lines to the border to form a rectangle

(easy ^^)

Anonymous said...

this questions are so easy.. and yet so many can't answer it... some already gave the answer.. and yet most thought it was wrong.. zzz... 4th comment (anonymous) is correct.. others.. please read it up.. zzz.. fail kao kao.. yawn~

Chong Wee said...

wow. it was so tricky

♥ % Kimberly :] # ♥ said...


2) Add a stoke on the top left hand corner of the "+" sign then you'll get 545 + 5 = 550 .

3)anything [straight forward]

4) Draw a rectangle with 3 lines . Meaning , Draw a rectangle , and draw three lines in it .

It's easy when you realise that the answers are not that tricky .

Anyway , LZB , can I copy and paste it onto my blog ? I MUST SEEK PERMISSION =X .

♥ % Kimberly :] # ♥