Wednesday, July 16, 2008


晶晶说:「老查某,我问你…… 如果有一只鲨鱼吃下了一颗绿豆, 结果它变成了什么?」


晶晶说:「嘿!嘿!答案是“绿豆沙” (绿豆鲨),你很笨哩!」


Lisa717 said...

Hello, nice to meet u here..
I m Lisa from M'sia..
U r the 1st Lao Zha Bor hu blog tat I knew!! hehe..hope you dun mind that i called u so...

anyway, it's a silly joke!! haha..will tell my fren abt it..
thx for sharing!!

rou. said...

hi,i rou from malaysia too.
nice to meet u.

cold...>< I meant the joke,haha

... said...

laughs.when i free,i will come and read your blog cos is make me laughs and smile.
sad to say i don really understand chinese character.