Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photos from MNE2 Gala

It's was a great and successful event last nite!
What a big gathering in the movie industry!

Good movie, good location, best sponsors in the whole world!

From Left:Yati,Jingjing,Kimkong & Weeping (The Delta Force)

This girl is Sigrid from 'The Delta Force'

I always love taking photos with young boys...

Sorry for the bad picture, it's was all J Team Artistes on stage, can you identify?

From Left: Me,Jingjing,June,Jeremy,Natalli,Chuxuan,Yinyin,Yati & our bodyguard in shot.

Sorry, I don't have much photos to show you cos no one help me to take pictures...I see if I can steal from J Team.....

If you are there last nite and have pictures to share, please email to fansclub@jteam.com.sg

A video clip of the red carpet event:

A video clip about the press conference:

Photo submitted by reader, Goh Yongwei

Latest photos added on 25 Aug:


jo said...

Dear lao zha bor,

im an avid fan of your blog. am super impressed and awed by the energry of someone your age, it's just so inspiring, to be so hyper and energetic. :)

I've a project in school now, a media pitch of whom I need to interview someone interesting.

Was wondering if you could let me do an interview with you? either by mode of face-to-face or email.

PLS PLS PLS get back to me soonest possible. I need to submit by Friday. You can email me at gleeful.flea@yahoo.com.sg and I will get back to you.

Thanks!! :))))

老查某 said...

Hi Jo,

You have to write in to J Team for your request. Email to: producer@jteam.com.sg

Hui Ling said...

Hi Lao Zha Bor,

Delta Force is the new group of artiste by Jteam? They looks quite fun! one of the guy looks cute =X Any chances of contacting them?


Anonymous said...

pretty guys and girls :)