Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Product Tester

I received a good news from office. My manager told me that I was being selected as a product tester for some famous brands. So lucky me!

I get to keep the products after testing, so cool rite?

I wonder if I can choose what I want... (hee hee, joking lah!)

Anyway, it's not easy to own the products you know? I must do a report for the product I used.

Sometimes it's good to be a celebrity. I'll get offers!

I will tell you about the product I used once I get it!

Dreaming now.... can I have lap top? 3G mobile phone? HDTV set? luxury car? Or even a trip to Europe? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Miel said...

Lao Zha Bor vote for you !

WENDY.C said...

your so lucky~ LOL~

Chong Peng said...

Hi Lao Zha Bor your blog very popular le =) hope u accept my post I wan people to hear a song I posted in my blog and give comments thx ya.... =) Pls leave comment yea is at the blog area

youngchnhun said...

wat product your testing on?

fcuk u said...

you sure you want a lap top? do you know how to use it? i doubt you know wht i'm talking abt. can you even read?!

李逸迷 said...

Really a hot blog..wonderful..

rambochai said...

wah ... product tester... if there is product that need younger / teenager... can u be tester? :)

i'm just asking --- if need the youngest person, can introduce to me ... hehehe :)

Anonymous said...

wow your cutepictures are back!
haha back to your usual blogging style!

NewNew said...'t believe got a blog of your own!!

very on !!!

Anonymous said...

wth man "fcuk u" , dont be an ass la, so loser come put negative comments. Anw, love laozhabor's pictures. :D