Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seeking Volunteers & Sponsors!!!


I intend to shoot more short videos to put them in my blog. I am here seeking student volunteers who are kind enough to help me script, shoot & edit the videos for me.

I am also looking for sponsors who are willing to sponsor me hair-do, make-up and clothings.

Currently Jingjing is intending to tell jokes of Hokkien. But she feels that if she wanna do it, she wish to do it pro. So she is seeking any kind souls out there who can sponsor her a backdrop for her video shoot.

Please email to my manager for arrangement.


ronald said...

hi! i'm a 14 year old student and im quite bored. theres nothing for me to do. i would be glad to help. =) my hp number id 96536293

老查某 said...

You can form your shooting team to help me. I need a team who can write, shoot and edit. Thank you!

the_life_of_a_under-age_girl said...

erm i am rachel age 11 a student quite bored because after exam i can help if u wan i will be gald pls contact me at