Thursday, July 31, 2008

Unfair Remarks on 'Money No Enough 2'

It's really quite irritating to see the remarks by movie critics in newspaper. Why aren't you supporting local productions? I don't see any reason to put down 'Money No Enough 2'. It's definitely a great movie of the year. For those who have seen it in previews, you should know the truth. What the newspaper has published is too one-sided!

This is the truth from audiences:

Please be fair critics!


d r a x o r n said...


david santos said...

Excellent posting!!!
Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

I watched MNE2 today, and i would say it's a pretty funny & nice show. Well, it was touching too. I cried (:

Good movie anyway. (:


Anonymous said...

you should know that the reporters have to 'report' regardless of its reliability to 'bao3 zhu4 fan4 wan3' ma..
haha (:
good lucks

jason said...

i watched the movie le. it's touching, how can it be so lowly-graded!

xniquet said...

oh no's you is so hawt, i iz meltzzz

D.i.YxX_quEEn said...

ya really unfair!qian bu gou yong 2 is a great show! i am going to watch it!

Anonymous said...

i got your blog page from just follow the law shows. haha so you really got a blog.

D.i.YxX_quEEn said...

hehe and lazhabor i want to know you!and i might be joining this year campus superstar!(if have...)

Anonymous said...

Critics and comments are usually very subjective to individual opinion. I believe Jack-Neo will use this as stimulant to make him work better; he has proved this point over the years since I was a kid.

J-team supporter from MYsia-KL.

Anonymous said...

it's really a pretty bad show, half of it was adverts. i sat there totally blank and bored.

Mr Round said...

Movie critics are already considered "fair". For some shows, there will be people who either hate it or love it. I say, let them be. They are free to comment and nitpick on any point that they feel could use some improvement on. If you consider the movie to be "great", wouldn't you be considered by others as being too one-sided as well? Sometimes, it pays to hear from the opposite sides as well. As someone had already said, Jack Neo can take strength from it and improve for his next feature film.

Personally, I have not watched the film yet. I will be reserving my judgement for later, after my exams are over.

Well...for the movie critics...just be glad that it isn't Roger Ebert or something. I sure would like to see his comments about our local films that are being produced.

Maybe some people just felt that some films are becoming too "commercialized"...I remember "Just Follow Law" with the Newmoon Abalone and Mr Neo's Mitsubishi commercials. A bit of a dis-taste in that really.

Here's hoping to a good box office.

Media student