Monday, August 25, 2008


Have I created a mess again?

Director Jack Neo called me and ask me why I want to stop my blog. He said his phone was flooded with SMSes and also received a dozen of calls questioning him.

Ops! I'm sorry Director Neo.... I didn't mean it. I didn't say I want to stop my blog, I'm only thinking whether if I should stop.

And the conclusion is...

Okay lah, I will continue blogging. I must be responsible to all my loyal readers, thank you for not leaving me.

I will also take on the product campaign project.

I just can't leave you alone missing me rite?


Anonymous said...

You've been a great inspiration and role model to everyone out there with your cheerful attitude to silver life! Really hope you can continue to blog as you have become a very huge part to many people's lives! Support you!

doglover said...

ur blog is famous everyone in my school know this blog,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that u have decided to continue blogging!
3 Cheers for you!
Hip! Hip ! Hooray
Hip! Hip ! Hooray
Hip! Hip ! Hooray

Bombchell said...

I just found your blog today, and it's pretty interesting.

So... keep blogging =)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that LaoZhaBor! You are really very interesting .. I love reading your blogs.. Keep it up! And don't despair!

Anonymous said...

wa liew!!! who so pro got director neo's HP number?!!!

pro lor,naise~!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, great to hear you're not giving up.
Jiayous :D

Anonymous said...

do what you like,:D
you like then continue.
dont care what others say.

stay adorable(:
&&tell more jokes.
*waiting uh*x:

Ivan Koay Thian Siang said...